Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Start Out on the Right Foot.

Well...first post. Preeeetty intimidating stuff. I suppose I'll start out the way most things begin and give you a little introduction of exactly who "that blonde who goes 'brrr'" is and what is the point of this blog?

I'm not exactly going "brrr" yet, since I am still residing in the lovely city of Gainesville/sometimes in the less-lovely (but still pretty okay) city of NPR, Florida. However, One month from today, I'll be making a HUGE-GIGANTIC-REALLY (okay, kind of) SCARY move to Traverse City, Michigan (which I've heard is sliiiiightly colder than Florida) to intern with an amazing event planning company- curious?!- and to make a bunch of new friends and experiences! 

So, about the point of the blog...there really isn't one solid point. I'll be giving updates of my freezing cold life, ranting & raving about random subjects, posting fun event & wedding planning related ideas, passing on fun, crafty DIY gems I find, and definitely posting pictures of my food/recipes I want to make/food that looks amazing/cupcakes/I just really like food... don't judge me.

This is me...obviously.
In order for you to learn a little bit more about me, I'm providing you with twenty things about me. Even if you already know me, which most of you probably do, you may learn something random and new! Ready? Okay!

1. I'm growing out my hair. I've had long hair all my life until February, when I had a tragic hair cut and chopped it all off. My short hair has been good to me, but I'm lusting for those locks.

2. I LOVE vegetables. I could seriously a giant bag o' steamed veggies every night (I've done it before and I' m not ashamed). Broccoli, cauliflower, onion, asparagus, spinach, artichoke, squash- the gang is all invited!

3. I loathe cats. Kittens are tolerable until they lick me with their sand paper tongues. All ties are severed after that.

4. I cannot do a cartwheel. I've tried to learn multiple times, but it's probably because...

5. My elbows and knees hyper extend. Raising your hand in class is real awkward when your arm bends the wrong way. Well...moving on.

6. I love Harry Potter. Totally fine with it.

7. I love to roller blade. Yes, I do wear knee socks.

8. I read for fun. Curling up with a good book is the best ever.

9. My favorite beers are Shock Top (two orange slices, please), Sam Adams (all seasons, really), Yuengling, and Corona Light (gimme dat lime). I am also partial to mango margaritas if I'm feeling crazy.

10. My planner is color-coded and if I ever lost it I don't really know what I would do. Actually, first I would definitely cry, but after that I would be completely lost.

11. <---this is my favorite number, which is partially because I'm OCD about odd-numbers and I love palindromes. 

12. I adore baking- especially cupcakes, even though they aren't my favorite dessert to eat. In fact, I was a cupcake for Halloween (I was Ke$ha another night, but we'll focus on the cupcake costume).
My homemade cupcake costume. I die.
13. I hashtag things in every day speech without even realizing. Example: "Well, just went to the gym instead of the library. #normal."

14. I really enjoy Glee, mainly because of the Warblers. They are phenomenal and if you say otherwise, you're really just incorrect.

15. I've had the same best friend since the 3rd grade, so picking my Maid of Honor will be a breeze (What up, Gabby Fisher). My mom is my other best friend. Seriously.

16. Jello is gross.

17. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Australia. 

18. I love playing the "ask random questions to get to know each other better" game.

19. I have a thing for scratch off lotto tickets. I haven't really won anything that could be considered a large sum of money, but I just think they're the greatest ever.

20. I really believe that I'll find "the one." With that said, if you can quote funny movies, listen to quality music, have a great sense of humor, have read Harry Potter (or at least have seen the movies), can win over my mom, know how to dress like a respectable human being, have nice teeth, can hold an intelligent/quality conversation and can put up with my ridiculousness, please contact me asap because you're my soul mate. 


  1. I love your cupcake costume! You wouldn't happen to have a set of instructions regarding how you made it, now would you?

    Also, I'm actually from Northern Michigan, but currently reside in the Caribbean. I hope you're enjoying the Mitten state, and that it's been good to you; my husband and I sure do miss it!

  2. your cupcake costume is awesome!!! How did you make it? I tried to make one for halloween last year and it was a complete failure!!!