Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Masterpiece Wedding Day

This entire semester I've been doing a part time internship with the amazing, wonderful and just all around awesome Melissa DiStefano and her wedding planning business, Masterpiece Weddings. Tomorrow is the last wedding that I'm involved in executing and I'm really excited, but also really sad that I won't be working with her again. I've learned so so so much and have become extremely more confident in my abilities in regards to event planning. I have never been more positive that this is what I want and love to do.

I have a confession, I'm not a HUGE fan of wedding ceremonies. Receptions? Yes. Dancing? Yes. Great food? Yes. Open bar? yes. The ceremony? However, this internship has allowed me to embrace all of the pieces that go into the total package of wedding planning and I really cannot express how grateful and lucky I am to have worked with such a wonderful mentor (Melissa, if you're reading this...I'm not trying to be a suck up. Total honesty right here....I mean, If you want to keep this little rave about you in the corner of your mind while you're grading me that's always a good option. Just something to consider.).

On a completely unrelated note, I made a really great breakfast-for-lunch kind of deal and then made some cookies for the lovely Thespian group my Madre is chaperoning. (I'm really good at finding any excuse to bake. "Oh, it's your dog's Birthday? I'll make some cupcakes for that!") Yes, friends. I am a senior in College, an only child, but my mother still chaperone's for children that don't belong to her.
What was that? You want food pictures? Well, since you begged...
Chocolate Chip cookies? Don't mind if I do.

My lunch: Grilled turkey, egg, spinach, onion and (veggie) cheese pita
with a peach-banana-flax seed- almond milk smoothie. Seriously delicious.
 My magic blender and I had a fight trying to get the smoothie out so we're not on very good terms now. I won, if you're wondering.

Also, am I the only one who loves taking pictures of my food? I really like looking at pictures of other people's food. I realize that my meal today was completely boring, but usually I'm more fun. I foresee a lot of oatmeal in my chilly Michigan life, but I will spare you the photos of that, don't worry.

Oh! I really enjoyed the 20 random things about me deal, but now I keep thinking of more things. So I'm just going to end each post with another random thing about me...kind of like when magazines have those tiny random facts at the bottoms of pages. That may only be like, Seventeen magazine...which I read until I was nineteen (awwwwkward).

21. My favorite color is a sunshine-y, mellow yellow. However, my favorite Power Ranger was the Kim, the pink one.

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