Wednesday, December 14, 2011

S'mores inspiration board via Masterpiece Weddings

In case you didn't know/forgot/(other excuses inserted here), I recently ended my internship with Masterpiece Weddings (they're amazing. but really.). That is where I learned to lovelovelove blogging and keeping up with wedding trends and such. Well, one of my absolute favorite things to blog and create are inspiration boards. I think I'm pretty decent at them...probably because of my ability to procrastinate via pinterest and to google search like a pro.

While a lot of boards are based on colors or seasons, I recently made one based on a popular winter baked good (surprising to no one) for the Masterpiece Weddings Blog/Blob, so I figured that I would throw it up on my blog as well!

...not "throw it up" like, vomiting... like the slang term.

Anyways. Here ya go!

Ring, Table Numbers, Cake, Groom, S'more, S'more Love, Stars & Graham Crackers, Dress

Does that not encompass all the loveliness and warmness that S'mores are!? I mean, honestly I'm not a huge S'more fan- marshmallows aren't my fav.- but c'mon, how can you have a bonfire without them? Hint: you can't.

In unrelated news, I'm leaving Gainesville in two days and my room is the emptiest ever/scares me because it is so blank.

23. I still wear hairbows in my hair like the toddler I am. Some of them I have literally owned since I was three years old. Yes, I am graduating college soon.

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