Saturday, January 28, 2012

"I said Brrrrr it's Cold in Here"

I hope everyone else read the title of this blog and finished that statement with "there must be some Taurus in the atmosphere!"

Hi! Clearly I am not doing that wonderfully on my goal of more than one blog post a week (whoooops), but I am doing really well with some of my other goals! I shall now take some time out to address the goals that are going well for me, naturally.

1. Growing my hair out- I did do a little snip snip on my bangs (they look really good, by the way. Apparently I have another back-up career lined up along with professional smoothie maker and hula hoop extraordinaire), but my hair is TOTALLY PAST MY SHOULDERS. I'm so good at hair growing. What a talented individual I am.

2. I only consumed alcohol last night and I'll be having some tonight- THAT'S ONLY TWO DAYS, PEOPLE.  Bam. On that note- I have decided to do a nice challenge I call "put down the 6 pack to obtain a 6 pack" aka I'm swearing off beer (except for special occasions, obviously.) to make my fitness efforts a little more worth it. You may be saying to yourself, "Silly Meaghan, other alcohol slows weight loss as well"....but I don't think you understand.

When I say that I drink beer, I'm not sipping on some Miller 55 Select. I like my beer like I like my wallet. Heavy.

3. Lose 15lbs/get a 2 pack- I've been working out like it's my job and have been logging all of my food. I would totally put my activity/food intake on the blog if I thought people would care (seriously, let me know if you would be interested in that because I personally like reading those things). But basically, I've been running 3-6 miles a day, eating less than 1500cals a day, doing 3 minutes of planks every day, hitting up jillian michaels before work and doing "The 100" every other day. The 100 is awesome and here it is so you can do it yourself!
The 100 Workout. Killah.

I have not yet perfected the smokey eye, found a boyfriend, done any winery touring, etc. but it's only January. I have time.

I DID GO SNOWSHOEING!!! It was so fun. I would like to thank my super fantastic boss for basically making it her mission to make sure that I do every snow based activity I possibly can. Snowshoeing was an excellent start (and really great workout). 
So Wintery. 

Work has been wonderful this week once again. Busy, but wonderful. I attended a fancy schmancy Chamber Dinner last night so I finally got to dress up. It was "warm out" (read: 34 degrees) so I got to wear short sleeves...under my winter coat.
My lovely boss and I. Just being professionally good looking.
I hope everyone is having a lovely lovely weekend. I'm finally realizing that being pale is just a part of my life now and am going to spend my weekend not worrying about it and embracing my Michigan life! 

Michigan girl?

27. I think one of the most irritating things in the entire universe (yeah. that irritating) is when people obnoxiously/ "subtly" hint at something instead of just coming right out and saying it. For instance, if you would like a bite of my sandwich, instead of saying "Gee, that looks delicious. Sandwiches are my favorite. I'm so hungry" just say "Oh I'm totally taking a bite of your sandwich, that looks awesome."

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