Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Update (finally!)

I've totally neglected the blog. I could list a million and ten excuses about how busy I've been or that my family has been visiting or that I've been waking up at 6:30pm and getting home at 7pm or that my old laptop refused to connect to the Internet and was a dinosaur and I hated it and wanted to throw it on the ground (what up, Andy Samberg?!)

...but I won't. Instead I will be thankful for my brand spankin' new laptop (Michelangelo. After the ninja turtle, not the famous artist- let's be real.), my AMAZINGSUPERGREATSUPERB internship, my lovely family time and say, "here friends, a really spectacular and fun blog post to make up for my laziness."

How to even start? Oh. I know. I'll start by telling you that if you are reading this entry while sitting in Florida where it is "winter" and "so cooooollldddd" that I have successfully (kind of) learned to drive in snow and have been thankful when the temperature gets above 30 degrees. Right now it is 13 degrees outside and is snowing...again. Snow is pretty until you realize that it is a driving hazard and that scraping ice off your car every morning is going to become a norm. I'm surviving, however, and am starting to embrace my winter wardrobe- who knew that fun winter hats were actually useful for something other than an ironic Florida fashion accessory?!
Oh snow. You hinder my driving abilities, but you're still gorgeous.
My birthday was still pretty fun, despite having no friends here to celebrate/kill my liver with here in Michigan. Mama and Papa Jameson took me out to dinner and then we headed over to the Right Brain Brewery, which is an excellent place. Top notch. I got slightly too intoxicated off of a beer called "Dark Squirrel Mojo" (awesome name, right?), was given a beer hat to wear and did a toast to my parents in regards to being able to use curse words openly around each other because I am no longer 5 years old. Such is my life. I also ended up losing my glasses (found them again, don't worry. I'm no longer blindly driving in dangerous snow conditions), dancing to "Hey Shawty, it's your Birthday" and waking up next to an empty bag of peanut M&Ms...the family sized portion.

Me with my Dark Squirrel Mojo looking oh-so-22.
I should probably tell you a little about my internship. I was really thinking that I would be able to do a kind of weekly rap up of the things I've done this week and give you a brief overview...but then I actually got started working at Events North. I have never been so overwhelmed in my life and it's only the first week. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% in love/obsessed/so excited to work every single day, but THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO DO. My to-do list is not a list, it's a novel. Luckily, I love to be busy so this is definitely a great fit. Also, I have my own business cards and awesome fleece Events North jacket (so legit). 

Here is an attempt at breaking down what I have done the past 6 days internship-wise.:
Set-up bridal show. Promoted ECCO. Wrote a walk through for ECCO. Broke down bridal show. Went over the basic schedule for the next few months. wrote 8 pages of "basic notes". Made to-do list. Got free coffee carrier. Met important people. Radio show. Set up email. Conference calls. Meetings with potential clients. Lots of notes. Meetings with current clients. Attended a Hospitality meeting that lasted ten years. Met with more people.Wrote a letter for donation requests. Called prospective donors. Called prospective restaurants. Called prospective Sponsors. Delivered sponsorship letters. Breakfast club. Attended a volunteer meeting. Wrote thank-you cards. Emailed photographers. Events Committee meeting. Picked up donations. Brainstormed. Wrote another letter to send. Created copy for a business card, website, and sell sheet. More meetings. Set up a tropical party. I'm probably forgetting a lot of things.

Oh. and my boss is da bomb. Seriously, she is awesome. She even got me, stop it.
Gorgeous. I die.

So yes. If I haven't called you back yet or have not been texting you's because by the time I get home I'm a weeeee bit exhausted. I am fully convinced that by the end of this internship I will be fully equipped to take on the Event Planning world. I've learned seriously SO much already and it's only been a week.

ANYWHOOOOO. I was going to update you on things in my life that are not intern-related, but I feel like this blog post is far too long already and if you are even reading this far anymore I'm super impressed (then again, it is Sunday and you're probably bored/still in bed/bored with facebook...jk that never gets boring). I'm going to write a super fun blog post for either tomorrow or Tuesday about goals/randomness/meaghanisms. So get pumped for that.

25. I once lost my remote and was too lazy to change the channel on my TV. I watched the Food Network for an entire month. I was completely fine with this...I found my remote and still didn't change the channel.

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