Friday, March 2, 2012

Goal Update and a peek into How my iPod Defines Me.

I feel like a once-a-month-update on how my 22/22 Goal list is going is a solid idea, right? Great. Glad you agree.

Totally unrelated news, I'm listening to my iTunes on shuffle right now and Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" just came on and I started chair dancing (similar to my run-dancing, but while sitting in a chair). More proof that I'm an embawassing person.
This is just more proof that I could legitimately care less if I'm embarrassing, because I would not trade hilarious moments/friends like this for the entire world. Try and tell me you wouldn't want to me associated with can't.

Oh, for those of you who don't know what my run-dancing/chair-dancing is... it's basically just another reason that I'm friggin' weird and totally fine with it. It started when I used to run on the tredmill at GHFC (MISS YOU WAHHHH) and I would have a really good dancy song come on the iPod and...well, couldn't actually dance, so I would do I really good finger wage kind of thing. Everyone noticed and made fun of me.

DIDN'T STOP ME. So yes, I just stopped typing and did a weird finger wag dance. I also kind of shake my shoulders. Don't worry about it- I don't. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON.

Okay so, back to my goals:

1. Run a half marathon. <---haven't done that yet. BUT! I signed up for a 10k and an 8 mile steps.

2. Grow my hair out without getting annoyed that it is taking too long and chopping it off again. <---IN THE PROCESS! My hair is now like, an inch below my shoulders. Proof:
Just look at those locks. They're at a level where I have to brush them or else they get super tangled.  Win/lose.
3. Learn how to do the perfect smokey eye <---.....nope. Still suck at makeup. Not even wearing any in that picture I just posted above. Not concerned.

4. Only drink alcohol two days a week (see, I told you some are far fetched) <--- this one is seriously going SO WELL. I'm even crossing it off because I feel like this is something I've been doing really well at and will continue doing well at.

5. Snag myself a quality boyfriend. (hollatchagirl)<--- nope. Still on the prowl. SiNgLe AnD rEaDy To MiNgLe

...andddd typing things in that dumb/awkward way is probably another reason that I do not have a boyfriend. yep.

6. Obtain a full time job that I enjoy ---> CHECK! Thanks, Allison.

7. Lose 15lbs. ---> I need to get a scale. I've lost inches, but I have no idea how much actual weight I've lost. I'll keep you updated.

8. Get at least a 2 pack. (a girl can dream)---> I'm actually on my way to this. My stomach is getting way flatter. I've sexted Cady some pics...she can back me up. But either way, 3 minutes of planks, running and 8 minute abs (look it up on's old and hilarious but it totally works) every day have been helping me reach my 2-pack dreams.

9. Visit NYC---> I visited Chicago, so at least I'm getting warmer?

10. Visit all of the wineries in Traverse City---> me out here. I've gone to...maybe one?

11. Go downhill skiing---> Nope. :(

12. Go hiking for a considerable distance...not like a 5 mile hike. I want the real deal---> SOMEONE COME GET OUTDOORSY WITH ME. This is why I need a boyfriend- to do fun outdoor stuff (and to hold my backpack/start fires/make a campground/grill us food/cuddle)

13. Go camping for an entire weekend. ---> See #12.

14. Realistically consider getting a tattoo (sorry mom.)--->Meh. I've thought a little more about it. Probably because the Events North office is right next to a private tattoo place. We'll see.

15. Go to Bonnaroo again.---> Still up in the air. The line up is SO GOOD, but I feel like realistically, it's not going to happen.

16. Blog more than once a week---> If this week counts....I'm doing great. Butttt my one month hiatus kind of set this one back.

17. Go through my Ipod and make the perfect playlists/actually delete songs I don't want.---> IN PROGRESS! I have like 3000 songs on there (2,600 songs now!) soooo it's taking me a while.

I did delete a solid amount of angsty teenage pop-punk, though. I never realized that I went through such an intense alternative-rock-warped-tour-phase. I blame the ex-boyfriend.

18. Learn to ice skate and enjoy it.---> nope.

Honestly, ever since my ice skating incident in the 8th grade (middle of Countryside mall...a small child was racing his father and smacked into me BECAUSE HE WASN'T WATCHING WHERE HE WAS GOING and i fell and bashed my head on the ice. People from all over the mall flocked to make sure I was okay. I was fine...but my dignity and ice skating cred were no where to be found), I haven't had any desire to relearn.

19. Do something that I never thought I could do (conquer a fear, go somewhere crazy, etc.)---> Meh. Not really.

20. Learn how to knit---> nope.
21. Read one book a month---> SO FAR SO GOOD! I finished a book in Jan...sooooo I have a few more days to finish my Feb. book. I can do it. I really really can.
22. Don't be a doormat/look out for myself/etc.---> I've been doing really great at this. I'm crossing it off so that I keep being great at it.

So there's that.
I just really like this. 1. I love the tie-dyeness 2. I love the hand-writing 3. I love the quote.

Okay so now onto my iPod....seriously. I have SO MUCH MUSIC ON THERE. It's such a process to reorganize it. However, I am keep-on-keepin'-on-ing because I really really need to gettir'done. 

I've so far erased all my old playlists and created pretty solid new ones. In true Meaghan fashion, I can't do anything like a normal person. So instead of having names like "Running mix" or "Study tunes", they have names like:

"Normal things.", "Standard Girly Shit", "Pre dat Game", "RAGE CAGE", "Welp, that's embawassing", "Chillin like a Villian", "Beachy-weechy", and my personal favorite "If I was high, I'd probably listen to this playlist" (which is a mix of chill-dubstep, sublime type music and old school rap/hiphop.)

Who am I? I just don't even know. I feel like me having playlist titles like this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Basically, reorganizing my iPod has just made me realize that I really do not have an answer to the "What's your favorite type of music?" Question. I have such a wide range of musical selections on my iPod. Once my playlists are finished, I'll share them with you and you'll have the same thought of "....what da eff?" that I have.

With that said, "Barbie Girl" just came on. YEP. YES INDEED.

30. I really like when I notice that people pick up on the way I talk/type things. People have dubbed my phrases as "Meaghanisms"- which applies to random things I do as well, but anyways...when I notice that someone uses my everyday wordage when talking to me, it makes me smile. Standard.

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