Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goal Update/Big Girl Moves

There is a warm front traveling through Traverse City....clearly I am the happiest girl. Yesterday, I wore a SHORT SLEEVED SHIRT (with a cardigan...I'm not that ballsy). I also wore running SHORTS. Yep. Bare legs while I ran. It was exhilarating. It was glorious. It made me realize exactly how pale my legs currently are.

Oh, and by warm front I mean that our current temperatures are high 50s/low 60s for the week. What is my Michigan life? I would be freeeeeezing in Florida if the temperature was this low, but instead I am embracing the weather and spending as much time as I can outdoors to soak it in.

Speaking of "my Michigan life"...I've been getting real wild and making some solid "Big Girl Moves" lately. What moves are these, you ask? Don't worry. I'm totally going to tell you.

Firstly, I put a deposit down on an apartment downtown! It's perfect. I love it. I will no longer be log-cabin-living (except for those weekends when I feel the need to just casually hop on over to the lake house this summer. Rough life, I know). I'm pumped to live in a place where I don't have to drive 30-40 minutes to work...I can bike, friends. Shoot, I can walk. I can also walk to the beach, to the bars....summer will be lovely.

Next, I'm joining a local roller derby team. Yep, you heard me correctly. My baby-faced blonde self is getting rowdy on some quadskates. Start thinking of fun (read: badass/clever) names for my Derby Girl alter ego...and enjoy picturing me as a derby girl:

You can totally see how Roller Derby is my calling, right? I'm obviously really tough and intimidating.

Oh! I had a tattoo consultation today...and I'm getting my first (and last, let's be honest...pain and I don't mix well. Plus I enjoy being able to give blood too much) tattoo next Thursday! I'm nervous, but I'm so excited. I really want to wait and just show everyone the tattoo once I get it, so I most likely will not be showing you any final pictures until it is inked into my skin.

I do know that it will not be this (so at least there's that):
This may actually give me nightmares. Sorry if it does the same to you. least you now know that this will NOT be my tattoo! Lol @ the arm hair, though.
 Yep. So...solid big girl moves. I feel like I'm constantly going places with my life and I could not be happier.
Now, onto the goal update:

1. Run a half marathon. not yet. Still running on the reg though!
2. Grow my hair out without getting annoyed that it is taking too long and chopping it off again. IN THE PROCESS!!!
3. Learn how to do the perfect smokey eye ....I'll probably never learn to do this, lets just be honest. Briana...Just move up here and do my makeup for me like usual, please. Thanks. (p.s. you'll be doing my makeup the entire time I'm home. You love me and want me to look great. Thanks. XoXo)
4. Only drink alcohol two days a week (see, I told you some are far fetched) check! Still going strong!
5. Snag myself a quality boyfriend. (hollatchagirl) ...foreveralone.
6. Obtain a full time job that I enjoy Wooooop! 
7. Lose 15lbs. I'm definitely smaller. Losing inches still (whatuppppp). I also bought a scale. It's still in the packaging but buying it definitely counts, right? Great, moving on.
8. Get at least a 2 pack. (a girl can dream) The abs are getting more and more defined everyday. BOOM.
9. Visit NYC :(
10. Visit all of the wineries in Traverse City NOPE. SOMEONE TAKE ME. PERHAPS THAT BOYFRIEND THAT I DON'T HAVE?! Cool.
11. Go downhill skiing nope. It's not even snowy here right now. wahhhh.
12. Go hiking for a considerable distance...not like a 5 mile hike. I want the real deal soon!
13. Go camping for an entire weekend. soon? Seriously, I need a boyfriend, damn it. Or GFisha just needs to move here and get wood$y with me....I  like that option better, actually. Get on up here bbywuv.
14. Realistically consider getting a tattoo (sorry mom.) !!!!!!!
15. Go to Bonnaroo again. probably not this year. :/
16. Blog more than once a week
17. Go through my Ipod and make the perfect playlists/actually delete songs I don't want. This is still in the process, but I'm doing well with it! It'll probably be done soon...maybe. perhaps...we'll see.
18. Learn to ice skate and enjoy it. Still haven't even attempted. Whoooooopz.
19. Do something that I never thought I could do (conquer a fear, go somewhere crazy, etc.) I feel like joining a Roller Derby team preeeeetty much covers that.
20. Learn how to knit Meh.
21. Read one book a month
22. Don't be a doormat/look out for myself/etc. 

Hey, 7 outta 22 ain't bad. I have a lot of 2012 ahead of me still...I can for sure do this. Oh, by the way- if I didn't establish my love of veggies in my last 3294720134 posts, this picture of my dinner last night will prooooobably do the trick.
Why yes, that would be a salad full of veggies and a giant plate of grilled veggies with a side of salmon. VEGGIES + ME= lovelovelove

I hope everyone has a simply lovely Wednesday! I will be enjoying the "balmy" temperatures of Traverse City at Happy Hour today...and then putting my drinking pants in the closet until ST. PATRICK'S DAY. hollaaaaa!

33. I'm way too nice in relationship-type situations. WAY. too. nice. As much as I've tried, I can't change. I am not good at playing hard to get, I fall too hard too fast...but that's just how I am. One day it's going to work to my advantage, I'm sure of it!

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