Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Qualities I Approve of in the Opposite Sex

I like to think of myself as a decently independent woman (one that is now singing some Destiny's Child to herself...gets me every time). Really though, think about it. I am perfectly able to take care of myself. I have my own job doing what I love and work hard at achieving my goals. I can make my own food, buy my own clothes, (insert strong-woman phrase here).
Words to live by. 

That does not mean, however, that I don't want a really quality male-figure in my life. So I decided to make a post about things I want in a man-friend (why I can't just use normal words like "guy"...I just don't know. Standard things.)

NOTE: This is a long-friggin-list. I re-read it (three times) and stand by every single one of the statements all of them are valid....but that still does not make it any shorter. Just want you to be prepared. Carry on.

BUT FIRST. A(nother) disclaimer before I begin this post.
1. This post is NOT me whining about being single and alone and blahblahlah. I am incredibly happy right now. I do not need a man in my life to be happy. 
2. This is all my opinion. My blog. My life. My turn-ons and offs. BOOM. There's that.
3. These are not based on any one individual. If you read this and think that I am talking about're wrong. I can promise you that I'm not sitting here with someone in mind as I post this. I am simply letting out my likes/dislikes.

...with that said, if after reading this you realize that you are, indeed,/know someone who could potential be my dream man...please contact me accordingly.

So, without further ado... a really lovely list of things that I like in a boy/things I enjoy in the opposite sex/really great attributes that all guys should have/so on and so forth. This list is going to be completely random and may be long and wordy and strange but what else would you expect from me? I'm a bowl full of randomosity (with a dash of flax seed and peanut butter...good for you and delicious.)

1. Straight teeth. A good smile is key.
2. Please, please, PLEASE be funny. If you have no sense of humor, you have zero charm.
3. Embrace my awkwardness. Find it cute. Joke with me about it. It isn't going anywhere.
4. Know how to dress. I know how to dress. You should, too. At least google can do it, I promise.
5. You have to like dogs.
Shout out to my own dog, Sadie. She's real old and she doesn't really like me anymore...but c'mon. How can you not think she is just adorable (unless you're a robot. Those don't have feelings)?!
6. Have a great taste in music. At least a decent one. I refuse to sit in your car and listen to awful music.
7. Good hair. By this point in your life you should have realized what hairstyle looks good on you. Embrace it. Use it to your advantage. Wash it...regularly.
8. Be nice to my mom...that should really go without saying. If you're smart, you will make her love you. She is my best friend. She will hear about you. Don't mess that one up.
9.In related news, make sure my friends like you. My friends are the ones who will be there to hear they already don't like you, they're going to be urging me to break it off and convincing me that I can do way better. It is just how girls work.
10. Publicly admit that you like me/are dating me/etc. If you can't embrace me in public...I will not be embracing you in private.
11. Hold my hand. Just do it.
12. Pay attention to the little things. Random things I mention. Remember my favorite color. Remember that I prefer odd numbers over even ones...that's the stuff that matters. I really could care less if you buy me a necklace or some fancy-shmancy gift...because if you listen to what I say, you'll know that I don't want those types of things anyways.
13. When I sing in the car (which I will)...don't you dare make me feel stupid. If you sing along with me- bonus points.
14. I'm not a huge crier, so if I better be there for me, because something is definitely really wrong.
15. Just be honest. I'm a huge fan of blatant honesty. As cliche as it sounds, I've been lied to way too many times. I have no idea why I'm still as overly trusting as I am...but pleasepleaseplease don't lie to me.
16. Lay in bed with me all day and have random/real life conversations about everything and anything.
17. Cuddle with me, but don't fidget or make it an ordeal. It is really not that hard. Oh, and when I want to sleep and move away from you....don't get offended. I'm just not a fan of being touched while sleeping.
18. Don't cheat. I will find out and I won't be okay with it. My curiosity and Facebook stalking abilities are far too superior for you to get away with that.
19. Play with my hair.
20. If I look cute, just tell me. If I don't...don't act like it and say I do. Simple enough, right?
21. Help me make it through my movie-must-see list. There are a lot of them.
22. Be spontaneous. Take me on fun dates. BE FUN.
23. Dance with me. If we are out at a club/bar and people are dancing, danceeeee witttthhh meeeee.
24. Accept the fact that I am probably going to be late for things and that I'm a busy-bee and may have to reschedule dates. Honestly, sometimes I just want to stay home and chill out by myself...and it really really doesn't have anything to do with you.
25. Don't make fun of me for getting overly excited about "dumb" things. If my favorite flavor of cupcake is in-stock, I'm going to get way too excited about it. If urban outfitters is having a sale...yep. way too excited.
26. Be yourself. Embrace your weirdness. Let your freak flag fly. I am without-a-doubt one of the weirdest people I know.
27. Spend nights-in with me. Sometimes I really just want to lay around and watch TV/a movie. I want to drink a beer and hang out with you and vent about my day.
28. You have to be a good kisser. Seriously, it's a deal breaker.
29. Let me meet your friends. I'm not saying bring me to all of your guy nights...please don't do that.. However, I'm preeeeetty guy-friendly so I want to meet them. They'll like me. I'll make sure I look pretty. It's fine.
30. Make me food/Taste test my food. If you don't eat my baked goods and give me an honest opinion...I actually will be offended.
Do it.
31. Don't get mad when you wake up and there is a (really precious hand-written) note saying I went for a run or to the gym, etc. It's not that I didn't want to wait around and see you, but sometimes I just like to get my day started. I'll always kiss you goodbye...and my notes are pretty cute/usually include drawings.
32. Keep up with your fitness/muscle building. I can, too. (Bonus points if you run with me!)
33. If I'm attending a function where I need a date, please be that date....and visa versa.
34. You better like beer. A lot.
35. Be social at parties/nights out. I am not there to babysit gotta hold your own.
36. Be outdoorsy with me! I WANT to camp/hike/do beach things/etc. TAKE ME. PLEASE.
37. I'm going to ramble. I'm going to vent. If you cannot listen to me, that's an issue. I will absolutely listen to you when you need me to.
38. Good conversation is key.
39. Do cutesy/weirdish things with me. Go to theme parks and be couply. Take Tacky Sweater pictures at Christmas time...shoot, just take pictures with me.
40. Scratch my back. Massages. I'll return the favor.
42. Smell nice. Not hard to do.
43. Be a guy's-guy. I love innapropriate/guy humor. I love facial hair (except creepy flesh-staches). I love the way you look after a workout or when you're angry or just in the man-zone.
44. If you cannot quote funny don't make the cut. If I throw a common-funny-movie-quote out there and you don't understand the reference, my heart will break.
45. Don't be a Stage 5 Clinger. I have a life, you need one, too.
46. Proper Grammar. If you cannot differentiate between there, their and they' cannot be in my life.
47. Take me to a festival/fair/theme park. Enjoy it with me.
48. Make decisions and accept the fact that I HATE doing regards to this, understand that I WILL have to read the entire menu before making a food-choice. I will adjust my meal and substitute my sides...and I will try a bite of your food/steal fries.
49. If you love me just tell me, damn it.
50. If you don't make the first move, I will. I don't want to, but I will.
51. Play the questions game with me. I'm going to ask you random questions...humor me. Those are the things that matter to me.
52. Play N64 with me...willingly (and don't get too upset when I beat you in Mario Party...because I absolutely will).
53. You better act like the son my dad never had. Watch sports with him. Be his pal. I'm lacking in that department, and he NEEDS someone to bond with. You can be that hero!
54. If you're still reading these, you're well on your way to capturing my heart. Actually caring about what I have to say/how I feel is a preeeeeeeeetty big thing.
55. If you own a cat...don't try and convince me that I should/will like it. I will never like your cat. Ever.
56. Let me meet your family when the timing is appropriate. I'm good at family-meeting. I will want to meet them.
57. Don't ever...EVER...reprimand me or lecture me about my life choices. You should be with me when they happen, anyways.
58. Take me to baseball games/hockey games/etc. If you don't like sports, I'll be concerned.
59. Leave me funny/presh notes on my car. Text me good morning. Do cutesy little things that let me know you're thinking about me
60. I will be texting you. Please be a decent texter. Don't purposely wait 4 hours to text me back so you can "have the upper hand." You don't look cool, you are just being irritating.
61. If there is a themed party, you better be dressed to theme.
62. If you cannot name a song by "The Lonely Island", you're not my type.
63. Be witty. Be smart. Don't be afraid to call me out on things. I will absolutely call you out and I expect you to keep up.
64. If we aren't in a relationship on Facebook...we aren't in a relationship. Sorry I'm not sorry.
65. You better love the beach/boating.
66. You really have to be at least a little nerdy. Secretly nerdy is the best kind.
67. I'm not saying you have to love Harry Potter...but you have to realize that I do.
68. Make me the only girl in your life. I'm going to make you the only guy in mine, so why shouldn't I expect the same from you?
69. Make me laugh out loud. Often.
70. Engage in some appropriate PDA. I'm not dating you to look like the best friend in public situations.
71. If you give me a gift, it should have some thought in it/be creative. I don't have a good poker face...if I don't like your bland gift, I'll try to pretend that I do, but I won't be very convincing.
72. Mix CDs are a quick way to my heart.
73. You absolutely must be going somewhere with your life. I don't have time to sit around and wait for you...and I won't. I'm going places in my life, you need to be going places as well.
74. Surprise me sometimes. I want to brag about you to all of my friends. Give me a reason to do so.
75. Be so amazing that everything reminds me of you. I want to smile every time I think about you.

So....there's that. Shoot, I really laid it all out there. But seriously, if you actually read that entire list...kudos to you. As long as that list was, I really am pretty easy to please. I'm sure someone fits a majority of the things listed. I'm not in a huge rush to find them...but my optimistic self is positive they are out there.

That's enough rambling for now, clearly.

I just really enjoy this. You should, too.

33. I'll keep with the Star Wars theme I just started and share that when I was...oh I don't know...ten?- I put my name on a raffle ticket during a visit to my local Blockbuster (RIP actual stores) and was chosen at random as the winner of a lifesize Yoda. I still own it. Yeeeeep.


  1. You are amazing! I would love to meet you someday and have a good chat... If that's alright with you

  2. 1. Got those... =)
    2. I should write for a sit-com...don't, but I should. lol
    3. How bout a "hug", best way to embrace your awkwardness. It's way cute...
    4. Know how, but can I prefer being naked??
    5. Man's best friend...definitely!
    6. I'm eclectic with music...and in my car, you can choose the music.
    7. Short is for me, like a Marine...Oo ya
    8. Have always had the Mom's love me, sometimes more than the girlfriends have.
    9. Friends are trickier, but that won't hate me.
    10. Love the PDA(hand holding, snuggle hugs, kissing...why would anyone deny to the public their affection to you?(hope that hadn't happened before??)
    11. refer to #10, I agree, just do it!
    12. I live for the little answering each of your list...if it's important to you, it is to me!
    13. I sing too...not on key either! :P
    14. I'd always be there, if you'd let me in, I'd be there for you.
    15. That's the problem, I am blatantly honest. If I didn't like your shoes or haircut...I'd tell ya if asked.Hard to say the right thing, but I would never do it to be hurtful. Plus, it's part of my code.
    16. Can do~
    17. We can cuddle on the couch, but yeah, need my space to sleep.
    18. Against the code...if you have everything and have love, why look for anyone else?
    19. And nibble on your neck and ears :)
    20. Back to the honesty...check
    21. I have about 900 movies, so I probably have your must-see movies. One thing I know and love, it's the movies. So this is a bigger plus for me.
    22. I am fun, but more of a creature of habit. But I am open to new experiences. It's all about who you are sharing them with, right?
    23. Slow dances count?? How bout we dance in the rain? :)
    24. Alone time is cool...just don't make plans. Looking forward to seeing you would make me happy all day, last minute cancellation for no real reason...heartbreaking! :(
    25. The little things again...they make me smile.

  3. 26. I'm Batman...I'm a Twihard~team Edward...weirdness is understated.
    27. Vegging, can do...u vent, I'll vent...then on to the foot massage(or full body)for relaxation.
    28. Hope your jaw can take it? lol
    29. That would be a problem, not that many, more of a loner. Not in a weird way...know a lot of people I'd introduce ya to, just aren't that many close friends.
    30. I do watch foodie shows, so cooking for you, not a problem. Picky eater'd have to be patient with me.
    31. The note would make the day, hugs and kisses are all you'd receive on return.
    32. Fitness isn't the problem(gym 3-4times/week)...problem is the diet. But well muscled I am, I am Batman, remember? lol
    33. You go, I go...why would there be any other way? If you were taking someone else as a date, you would've broke #18
    34. Vodka? Will drink beer , love it? Not so much...:) Wine...hell no!
    35. I'm social, that's how I know a lot of people...but if we were bar hopping, wouldn't expect ya to ditch me either.
    36. TAKE YOU...OK! ;) Oh,, you under the stars...hell yes!!
    37. I will listen, but will want to jump in. Got to ask questions...
    38. There is little I don't know something about, so I keep up. lol
    39. Keep sakes and memories are very important.
    40. I was already offering foot massages on long tiring days or runs...touching is also important to me, contacting is connecting.
    41. I work hard with my hands daily, but I do have a nail file on the coffee table ;)
    42. it! lol
    43. I am all guy...never been confused as anything else.
    44. Give me your best shot sweetheart~~I'll knock it out of the park...waiting, waiting sweetheart! lol :)
    45. I work, you work(maybe)...and girl's nights out are just that, as long as you come home to me?!?
    46. your kidding, write?
    47. To the moon and back, we would experience whatever we desired(if affordable) :)
    48. We make them together, we would be a team. What is mine, is yours! :)
    49. Be early for that...but if I did, you'd know it.
    50. Go for know guys don't know what women want.

  4. 51. If you don't mind me knowing the answers, I love games?
    52. I have X-box 360...didn't know they still had N64?? :) But back to #51, love games.
    53. I'm Batman, I am a hero, a Superhero lol definitely can do that, help him when he needs helping with the odd jobs too.
    54. If you still reading mine, you are something special!
    55. Don't currently own a cat, but am an animal love. How do you feel about Roosters? :)
    56. They are getting older...tick tock
    57. What kind of life choices? Tattoos??
    58. Love sports...thought you had a problem with that? Daughters can bond with dad's too through sports.
    59. I am...I am writing you this.
    60. That is so annoying, wouldn't happen with me.(not the texting, can do) But please, say bye if you have to we are talking face to face...would ya just walk away? Rude!
    61. Can ya sew?
    62. Speaking of that..."I'm on my boat, Mother F******"
    63. You will lose, Harry Potter, and you will die lol
    64. If we had a relationship, there wouldn't be anyone that didn't know it after day 1...I ramble on too, usually about my girl!
    65. I love the water, wish I lived near a lake or the ocean.
    66. Secretly...I'm Batman, I am full of secrets and nerdy. But you really wouldn't know it if you didn't know me. I am the athletic guy to outsiders.
    67. Oh, go to #63 hehe I have an Elder Wand...
    68. Truly, the only friend I want in my life, is the girl in life.
    69. I would's what I do.
    70. Wow, see #10, #19, #27, etc..
    71. The Christmas ought to be...thoughtful :)
    72. Not many CD's anymore, but have done that, would do that!
    73. Not talking about traveling huh? I have a job. It's what my dad did, and his. Will never be president...sorry! :(
    74. Surprise...I almost completely your list! :)
    75. And you have a beautiful that would be wonderful.

    Ok, I have back to my life and to you yours. Hope you had fun reading my replies...if you actually read my replies. I am not expecting anything but your friendship, and I hope I have earned some of that...remember to KCCO xoxo

    drop me an email...drkknght2001@yahoo

  5. Sorry, I can't date a girl who doesn't use the Oxford comma. Best of luck to you.

  6. was that a DMB reference in #23? lol

  7. Wow that's quite a list. You are an awesomely Random person and i love it! I would love to take you out for a beer sometime and get to know you.

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