Sunday, March 25, 2012

So, I got a Tattoo.

Yep. I actually did it. I got a tattoo.

Is it not beautiful?! I loveloveloveeee!
I'm obsessed with it. I absolutely love it and could not be happier with it! It is exactly what I wanted and the experience itself was not bad at all. Honestly. I went in expecting the pain of getting a tattoo on my ribs to be equal to an army of small animals attacking my side at the same time, but it was more along the lines of having an itch you can't scratch. I was also distracted by the fact that my arm fell asleep about 15 minutes into the process since I had to hold it over my head, so when I tried to move it I literally punched myself in the face. Just to keep up my fun-awkward image, you know.

But I can now cross that one off the list of goals. WOOOO!

Hmmm what else has been going on? Oh. I've been ATTACKING the thrift stores around here to find furniture/random shmorgusborg for my NEW APARTMENT! Yep, I will be moving in...shoot, like ten days? I'm not sure of the exact date I can move in (I know, I know. I need to find out. Sorry, mom.), but I'm pumped....and completely furniture-less. So, naturally that calls for me to do what any self-respecting broke/crafty girl would do and spend all of my free time thrift store shopping.

Old suitcases that will be turned into an end table. Awesome.
So far I've acquired the old suitcases seen above, a seriously adorable vintagy (read: perfect) kitchen table and chair set, a white head/footboard that I will be painting sunshine yellow (aka my favorite color) sometime this week, a rolling cart/soon to be coffee table, a shit-ton of frames that I cannot wait to paint random colors, some lovely vintagy posters, a hugeeee canvas with an awesome waves-crashing-but-not-lame picture painted on it andddd...yep, that's about it.
So, clearly I still need some furniture.

Anyways, I took a break from blogging last week because it was IN THE 70'S AND 80'S ALL WEEK. Like...seriously?! It was perfection. Instead of spending happy hour in the bars, I spent it on a dock watching the sunset:

Me, being the happiest girl with my shoes off and a blue moon in my hand.
Andddd this was my view. Rough life, right?

I even went to the beach! It was only for an hour after work, but the fact that I was laying in the sand with some Pepper and Rebelution playing in my ears made me feel like I was back in Florida....and if this is a taste of what summer in Traverse City has to bring, I may just fall even more in love.

St. Patrick's day was great as well. I picked up a really nice leprechaun-tuxedo tshirt from walmart ($5.00 well spent, really), threw a fake green mustache onto my finger...which was probably the best choice of the day. I shared the wealth with everyone else at the party andddd we may or may not be throwing up the mustaches in every picture. In my opinion, we made all pictures a little better that day.
I may have a big girl job now...but let's be real, not much has changed.
I also took way too many Irish Car Bombs for being lactose intolerant. No bueno. I need to somehow teach my intoxicated self that she is lactose intolerant, too and that choices like nachos and spinach dip are not going to make her feel so hot.

Oh, and I'll end this post with the fact that it was nice enough this week for me to pull some of my go-to wardrobe choices out of the closet when I went out this weekend.

See through tees and longer hair? I'm making my way back to the reg.
SEE THROUGH SHIRT, WHAT UPPPPP. It feels good to be back in my staple fashion choices. Turtlenecks and I are becoming closer friends, but the Florida girl inside of me is starting to get angsty for some jorts, long blonde hair (it's getting longer, clearly, but I just want back those lockkkssss), flip flops and off the shoulder tees. SO SOON.

34. If I like a song, I will overplay it to death. Then I can't listen to it for a few months...then I can slowly start to tolerate it again. Then I fall back in love. It's a weird cycle.

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