Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Inspiration Board

While it may be an endless winter in Traverse City, you lovely Floridians (who are without-a-doubt FAR more tan than I am nowadays. Oh the tough life I live.) are soon going to be celebrating Spring Break. nice for you. In all honesty, I feel like me having a full-time job is well worth not being able to booze my life away while tanning on a beach somewhere. Plus, my Spring Break last year was epic enough to last me...for quite a while. Thanks for the memories, Key West....even the ones that I don't remember. WHOOPS.
Oh SBKW2011. You were so good to me.
The point of this post is actually to post a precious Spring Inspiration Board that I made for the Masterpiece Weddings Blog (which was featured on Monday of this week). I may not be able to bask in the sunshine while holding a mango margarita...or a loaded Corona...or five... BUT! I can share the adorable-ness that is this inspiration board.

HairDressesRingTableCupcakesBirdsLace Dress
Those of you who knew me personally know that everything about this board is...kind of screaming "MEAGHAN" (or garden tea party, either or). But I feel like when I actually do get probably will not be this frilly or girly.

I do want that ring though, let's be real.

I hope that everyone who is actually experiencing weather that can be considered "Spring" is enjoying every moment of it. EMBRACE THAT SUNSHINE. SOAK IN THAT VITAMIN D (it is vitamin d, right? I'm not that concerned even if I'm wrong.).

31. I have an appreciation for cool/cute/awesome fonts. I have literally spent hours downloading new fun fonts. I hardly use them, but when I do I get so excited. A good font is key...which is why if you use Curlz or Comic Sans I will 100% judge you.

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