Friday, March 9, 2012

What I'm doing now/randomosity.

I have come to realize that I am really good at a lot of things that don’t actually matter in real life.
Examples include: hula-hooping, sarcasm, finding random websites, the robot, witty status updates, French braiding my hair, face-painting (my unicorns are legit), making up phrases, nicknames, baking, rollerblading, making strange faces, etc.

Someday those will come in handy, I’m sure. Maybe. Probably not. Whatevah.

So. I’ve officially been in Michigan for two months now. I’ve lived by myself for two months. I haven’t seen my friends for two months. I haven’t seen my mom for two months (longest I’ve gone without seeing her…real weird). I haven’t worn jorts for two months.
Old Picture (obv.)...but my love of jorts is strong. That's a solid 8 pairs, friends. JORTS4E.

And I’m totally surviving. No. I’m doing better than surviving. I’m adapting and I enjoy it…even if I’ve had to trade my frat tanks and running shorts for two-layers and gloves when I run outdoors. And yeah, my skin may be a lovely shade of “casper” BUT I’M MAKING IT WORK.

That does not mean that I'm sitting here not getting homesick at times. I do. I absolutely do. I miss my family. I miss my friends- I definitely have not replaced them. As Briana Suojanen made sure to inform me before I left: "You'll never find someone who will tell it like it is as much as I do...or who is this funny, let's be honest."

...Lezbihonest, you're 100% right, B....but I also don't know if I would really want to find someone to replace you. I wouldn't want someone to replace Gabby, I wouldn't want anyone to replace Jacob or Leigha or Cady...etc.etc.etc.  I also don't really think that would be possible since you have given all future friends A LOT to live up to and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Super mushy, WHATEVER.)

Back on track...

I even spent my entire last weekend in a blizzard/state of emergency/I-had-no-power-or-heat/two feet of snow…but! I MADE A SNOWMAN (well, snow-woman)!!!!!

She's on Spring Break. Teehee. Sidenote: I drank that Blue Moon later. 

I’m soOoOo wintery.

Anyways…let’s find a point for this post, shall we?

How about a recap of “What 2011 has been like for Meaghan/What is Meaghan doing right now in regards to random things!?” post.

Great idea, right? I think so too. LET’S DO IT.

What I’m Reading:
Well, right now I am finally settling down and reading “Wicked” (about time, I know). I’m doing pretty well on it and it’s just as great as I imagined it would be. I think I still like the musical better-big surprise- but overall, I approve.
Just the book cover...visual aid, yano

What I’m Watching:
I’m actually doing a great job keeping up with the few TV shows I watch (probably because I write down when they’re showing in my planner. Shut up…over-organization at its finest.)! Usually I forget when things are on and catch them on Hulu…which is actually super irritating now that HULU IS GETTING TOO FANCY/TRYING TO MAKE MONEY AND BE “HULU PLUS”. Over it.

Anywayz. I am currently keeping up with (not the Kardashians): Glee (duh.), The New Girl, Smash (and excellent new addition), The Bachelor (hate on it), andddd that’s it. Oh, and obviously I’m watching Food Network on the Reg.

What I’m Eating:

Let me break down an average weekday.

My breakfast every day is as follows (seriously. I’m a creature of habit): 2 cups of coffee + sugarfree vanilla caramel creamer. Fat-free yogurt with flaxseed and bran.
Sometimes I get s00per crazy and have oatmeal with flaxseed and cinnamon instead of yogurt. Wild, I know.

Lunch/snacks usually go a little something like this: An apple, A serving size of almonds and craisins, A luna bar/kashi bar/fiber 1 bar/whatever bar is in my bag, a crap-load of carrots and a serving of hummus.
Sometimes I get inspired and make a pita full of veggies or a turkey or tuna salad sandwich. It just depends. But that’s the basic jist.

Dinner is usually one of the following: Lean cuisine + a ton of veggies, egg white omelet + a ton of veggies, Salad + a ton of veggies, etc.

Idk if you can tell, but I love veggies. LOVE. Yum.
How I feel about vegetables.

Then I usually have something sweet to end my day like a 100-cal pack or graham crackers and hot chocolate. I really can’t go to bed unless I’ve had something sweet. Tonight I had oreos (who doesn’t love those? You do. Don’t lie.)


What I’m Listening to:
Lately I’ve been hooked on Rebelution (concert coming up WOOOO), Mumford & Sons, John Mayer (duh.), City and Colour, and…Nicki Minaj. She’s just SO ADDICTING. I can’t help it.

Oh, and when I run I’m a huge dubstep fan. It just gets me going. Idk…you really can’t help but get into beast mode while listening to robot noises.

What I’m Looking Forward to:
St. Patrick’s Day (My last name is Jameson and I love beer…naturally I celebrate), MAMA JAMESON COMING UP TO MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!! Seeing Rebelution, Weather with temperatures above 30 degrees, Graduation…and seeing everyone in Florida! I just cannot wait. I am so excited to see my friends.

So…there’s that. In other news, I am having huge beach withdrawals. In case mentioning it 5138023 times didn't get the message across, this time last year I was doing things like this:

Cool shirts, right? Fat Tuesdays Bar Crawl. Day Drinking. Really good choices all week long.

Anddddd right now it’s down pouring snow. However, I keep reminding myself that experiencing a new place/growing up/not killing my liver is better than Spring Break. Which it is. Seriously. I'll live.

32. I’m so bad at saying goodbye on the phone. I legitimately forget sometimes and will just hang up. It’s just another aspect of my life that is completely awkward.

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