Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raindrops on Roses, but NOT whiskers on kittens.

Okay, so… my last post may have been slightly negative. Since I am a self-proclaimed “glass-half-full” kind of girl, I will counteract my most recent post with a list (duh) of things that absolutely never irritate me! Side note: I am NOT a glass-half-full kind of girl if that statement is referring to beer. In that case, my glass is usually empty and ready to be reloaded.

Classy, I know. Regardless, here are a few things that I really just appreciate a lot.
1. Puppy breath/fur/puppies in general. Seriously, puppies are like magic. I really would not be surprised if when someone finally did find the cure to cancer that the cure would be puppies. I would simply shrug my shoulders and say “yeah. Makes sense, actually.” IlOvEpUpPiEz4E!!!1!
Source: DoozieDog

2. Vegetables (except green pepper/olives.)
3. Vintagy dresses that look like they are made for toddlers. You know the ones- they’re usually either some shade of sunshine yellow and look like someone vomited cuteness on them. Patterns include, but are not limited to: stripes, birds, polka dots, chevron, small animals, etc. I think I like them so much because a.) I like all of those things, b.) Sunshine yellow is my favorite color and c.) I look like a precious gem in them…mainly due to my baby-face.
Throwback with the lovely Salzy, but my dress is covered in birds.  Solid example.

4. My tattoo. Still obsessed.
5.  Compulsive gum-chewing. Honest confession: if I have a pack of gum in front of me and I am aware that it is there, I am liable to chew the entire pack within an hour.

…an hour may be too generous. More like 30 minutes.

6. The paint-ball scene in 10 things I hate about you. I really feel like that’s all that needs to be said.

7. Heath Ledger (RIP)- the only celebrity I ever actually obsessed about. Beautiful, talented, badass as fuuuuu.
Sourse: Celebrity Wallpaper Database

8. Wedding-dance songs. I’m talking Electric slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton-eyed Joe, Cha Cha slide…the full monty. I love them and I’m not afraid to let the world know. I would even do them sober (although that’s usually not the case.)
9. Sarcasm and witty come-backs. Ironically, I also really appreciate punny jokes. One of my favorite memories is when Papa Jameson printed out a list of punny jokes and my family took turns reading them out loud on Christmas Eve. Even my grandma joined in. Twas hilarious.
10. Awkward family photos. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.
11. The number 11.
12. Tie Dye. A whole lot of tie dye.
13. Terrible chick flicks and movie theater butter popcorn. I do both of these things sparingly because I have to look out for both my waistline and sanity.
14. Running. I just love it. Once I get into the zone, I really have no desire to stop. If I have good tunes and enough water to keep me hydrated, I am the happiest (and sweatiest) girl. I especially am getting to love race days. Being surrounded by other runners is just fun.
15. Kissing. (teehee)
16. Grocery shopping. I get so excited. Really.
17. I just can’t end this list on an odd number. OCD problems.

Well, I am beyond the point of sleep deprivation right now. I just worked another 60+ hour work week…29 of those hours have occurred in the past 2 days. I’m running on 4 hours of sleep. Things are getting weird. For instance, I started SOBBING (like, outloud…wailing. Gasping for air. That level of intense) while watching the finale of Glee.

I was also by myself in my apartment, taking that occurrence to yet another level of embarrassingly awkward.

I also started tearing up while thinking about Heath Ledger being dead, but I feel like that’s completely acceptable and do not apologize for my actions in that scenario. Let’s just be honest, he was a god among men.

Aaaaand now I’m babbling (surprising to no one). I’m going to bed, but I’ll leave you with the usual randomosity:

38. I just chewed approximately 8 pieces of gum while typing this blog post. I was pacing myself. 

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  1. Words cannot explain my love for dogs. Small dogs in particular. I have a Miniature Schnauzer named "Chloe". She makes my heart skip every time I see her. I have one tattoo. I am still in love with it the same as I was the day I got it. I basically have an unlimited supply of gum to last me an eternity. I'm extremely sarcastic. The amount of awkward family photos in my home is ridiculous. Kissing is my favorite way to express sensuality, but I prefer no tongue (too messy). I love grocery shopping, except when I'm hungry. I'm ADD, OCD and BAD. I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in fate. I've never cheated on any girlfriend I've ever had. And I really have no clue what prompted me to scour your blog to further my already limited knowledge of a complete stranger I found on Twitter, whom I find to be striking in every fashion of the word. You interest me.