Monday, July 9, 2012

99 Problems and Today's Kids Are One.

The other day, my baby cousin told me that he was getting a Blackberry for his Birthday. 

He is entering the 6th grade. I am legitimately frightened that there really will be a zombie apocalypse...and it will be caused by smartphones. WHY DO 11 YEAR OLDS NEED CELL PHONES WITH INTERNET ACCESS?! I got my first cellular device for my 13th Birthday. It was a Motorola black and white flip up. It did not even have "snake" as one of my game options and I could send approx. 50 text messages a week...and I was the happiest nugget in the world.

The generation of children/teenagers that is surrounding me currently scares me. A lot. So, I would like to take a hot minute to do a fun little compare/contrast...because I can. So there's that.

When I was a child/teenager...

I spent my free-time riding my bike to the local Sonic (diet cherry limeade? Abbbbsolutely.). I played video games like Pokemon and Mario Party...although let's be honest, I still only play those video games. I traded Pokemon cards with the neighbor boys. I rollerbladed. I rollerbladed a lot. I watched movies that did not have male strippers in them. I spent my afternoons watching Gilmore Girls with my mom...and I shared my Harry Potter books with her. We're pretty tight. I had sleepovers where we actually talked to each other and watched movies and did fun things with the people who were actually in the room. I had parties WITHOUT alcohol (one was a 48 hour Halloween party. Another was a Harry Potter party. Don't act like you're surprised.). I had furby get togethers...okay, I had college aged furby get togethers, too.
Furby Costumes. Don't act like you're not impressed.
I did my homework...every night. Shut up, I know. I didn't have a fake ID. I didn't get drunk or do drugs or even get pregnant (CRAZY, I KNOW)! I wore an appropriate amount of makeup...and clothing. I went to NSYNC concerts with my parents. 

Personally, I think I had a pretty awesome childhood. I also think the awesomeness of my childhood is reflected even more-so when I look at what today's children/teenagers are doing...

The are...well, not going outside. They are glued to their cell-phones. GLUED.EYES STUCK ON THE CELL. True, they're hanging out with their friends, but they're usually on their phones. They party. A lot. I'm still just confused as to when it became a cool thing to lose your virginity at the age of 12. When did this happen? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! I blame Children's beauty pageants. They're getting fake IDs at the age of 17. Stop it. Stop growing up so fast. They definitely are not playing with Furbies (their loss, really). They are also not watching TV with their moms...or reading books that aren't Twilight. That's another thing...why do these children love Vampires? Why is this a thing? Middle Schoolers are drinking...that just makes me want to cry. I also noticed that the more bikini facebook pictures 13 year old girls have...the more duckface they make. Both of those things are awkward. 

Last but not least, they have no manners. There is nothing more saddening to see a preteen who does not say please and thank you. It's not hard.

Obviously there are some exceptions to these examples...and I'm completely rambling. I'm also not trying to say I lived my life 100% right as a child/teen, but in my eyes, I think a large chunk of a reason that I am anti-children (again, there are some exceptions.) is because of what I observe in today's teens. 

Just needed to get that off my chest.

On a completely unrelated note, I made a really good dinner tonight. I also still need to update everyone on my Florida Trips/Gabby in Michigan/etc. I'll leave you with this as a teaser:
Fourth of July. We're so fun.
40. I hate ironing. I would rather throw my laundry back in the dryer again than iron it.


  1. A resounding +1 to pretty much everything you wrote in this post. Very well said!

  2. I basically second everything you said here, I think like this all the time about children today. Also I freaking love your Furby costumes...pure awesomeness right there! KCCO

  3. My generation said the same things about yours. We played Super Mario where your brother could play for 30 minutes without you getting a turn if he didn't die. Gas was well under a $1. And we didn't get cell phones until we got a car and text messaging didn't come out until college.

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  5. I'm so glad that this is not just me who thinks these things. And thank you for the shout out to my Furby costume...I'm preeeeetty proud of it!

  6. This is on point. hahaha Kids need to get outside and play let's use some imagination. I was up at a family friends cabin for the weekend and they don"t have TV. My Goddaughter said. "Uncle RyRy, I want to watch Little Einsteins." "Evie the TV doesn't work." "Well what is there to do then?"