Sunday, August 12, 2012

The ABC's of My Life.

Welp, as usual I've been ridiculously indescribably busy and my blog has been put on the back burner (The Killers concert flashback anyone? No? Oh. Alright.). HOWEVER! I have decided that instead of doing a kazillion other things that I should be doing to make my upcoming work week a little less jam-packed, I should do a blog post... you know, for the greater good.

For those of you new to the game (the game life choices...etc.), I really like lists and randomosity. So, I've decided that this blog post should be an Alphabet of things that kind of make up my life. AKA a chance for you to get yet another glimpse into my brain...but this time... it's in a style that even kindergartners can enjoy. I'm too kind, I know.

Okay. Let's do this.

A is for Almonds. Why? Because I am addicted to almonds. So much that I am currently refraining from buying/consuming any in order to attempt to end this addiction. While I know that almonds are "healthy heart food!" and are "great for abdominal toning!"...this does not apply when I am eating what is probably the equivalent of sixteen servings (okay that's totally exaggerating, but still... I eat them on the reg).

B is for BEER! I just love beer. As much as I would love to be a "vodka and soda" girl for the sake of my hips, I am absolutely a beer-girl. Not a light beer girl... a beer girl. Favorites include: Bell's Oberon, Blue Moon, Short's Bellaire Brown, Corona, Sam Adams, Shock Top, Magic Hat, etc.
Shocktop. You betcha.

C is for (the)CHIVE. If you don't know what that is, I'm so sorry.

D is for Death Cab For Cutie. They're one of my absolute favorite bands, and also one of the only ones I have yet to see in concert. If you haven't listened to them, do yourself a favor and do so. They're excellent.

E is for Events North (duh). AKA my amazing place of work. It's legitimately the perfect job for me. My boss is amazing, our location is wonderful (right about U & I lounge on Front Street...aka smack dab in the middle of DT Traverse City. I know. It's awesome.), and I can honestly say that I go to work every day excited to be there. Do I work my ass off? Yes. Do I still make mistakes? Abbbbsolutely. But I'm learning new things every day and working with such interesting clients and vendors that it makes it worth it. Plus, who doesn't make mistakes? It's all part of the learning process and even if I want to punch myself in the eye every time I don't do something perfect, I know that in the end- it will teach me to be the best I can be. Oh also, we have Lime green coozies. In fact, leave a comment on this blog post and I'll randomly choose someone to send a set of coozies to. You're welcome.
Me, Allison Beers (my boss/the owner/one of the best people I know, and Macaila (aka one of my new best friends.)

F is for Florida!!! While I really do love living in Traverse City, not a day goes by where I don't miss Florida and all of the people who live there. I was lucky enough to make (and keep) some of the most fantastic and loyal friends that I could have ever asked for. I know that I will make friends who are just as wonderful (or at least close) in Traverse City, but my heart will always belong to my friends and family in Florida. They mean the world to me and without them I would be a weird, loud, awkward girl ...instead of a weird, loud awkward girl with cool friends!

G is for Gabrielle Fisher. Because she's my maid of honor, the ying to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese (j/k we're both Lactose Intolerant). We've been best friends since the third grade and I'm pretty positive that her name comes up in some way every single day of my life. I'm obsessed with her. I tell her everything. Her parents thought I was sexually harassing her once (I wasn't, for the record, but it's probably my favorite story to tell ever.). We've had such hilarious, weird and completely random times and I am so proud to call her my BF/FL. Side note: I created at least half of her AIM screen names. Nothing says best friend like letting someone dub you "DancingQueen0618"

H is for Hilarious. I like to think that I can be pretty funny. I'll admit it. That's really all I got for that one.

I is for I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (Do you know what dat means?!). This is mainly because after being single for over a year now, moving across the country and leaving everything and everyone I know to pursue a career in the field I love, and learning how to properly iron and separate my laundry (okay, I'm still pretty terrible at separating my laundry. Whatever.), I feel like I can safely say that I am an independent person. This doesn't mean that I don't still call my mom for pep talks or vent to my boss about life, but damn it- I can look out for myself. I'm sure one day I'll have someone else in my life to help look out for me, but I'm doing a pretty good job doing things for myself right now.

J is for Jameson. It's my last name and it is also the reason that I get to cut the line for the keg every St. Patrick's day....and why I usually end up taking far too many Irish Car Bombs. Again, one day I'll be married and will have to replace the Jameson with something not-as-awesome, but as of right now...I love my last name and I wear it proudly.

K is for Kissing. I just really like kissing. (sorry Mom...but it could be worse, let's be honest.)

L is for Lovely Lady Lumps. I got 'em.

M is for Mama Jameson! A lot of people claim that "my mom is my best friend!" But my mom...seriously is. We talk every single day (and if I ever forget to call her or am too busy, she texts me to make sure I'm not dead. It's that serious.) and she is the most amazing role model I could ask for. She's the future me...and that is so exciting. If I grow up to be half as awesome as my mom I will be the happiest girl. We go to bars together, we watch shows together, we talk for hours...I do not even have words for how much she means to me.
Mama Jameson and me :)

N is for Natalie Portman. She's my biggest celebrity girlcrush. She's gorgeous and talented and I'm pretty positive that "Natalie's Rap" by the Lonely Island is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Plus...Starwars AND Garden State? Be still my heart.

O is for Oberon. One of the best things about moving to Michigan is getting to drink Oberon on the reg (well, at least during the season...I'll be so sad when Oberon season is over. I'll probably stock up like a squirrel preparing for the winter. However, instead of using my cheeks to hold my stash, I'll be using my fridge. It just seems more sensible.).

P is for PUPPIES! I'm convinced that puppies are proof that a higher power wants us to be happy. My entire day gets better as soon as I see a puppy. I will have my own one day- not now, because I am far too busy to properly take care of a puppy, but one day I will have a furry gem of a puppy for my own and I will spoil the shit out of it. (p.s. ... you're so so welcome.)
My own dog, Sadie is no longer a puppy...and it kind of old and sad looking but I still love her.

Q is for Quilts? Idfk. I've always hated the letter Q. Moving on.

R is for Running! I always hated running. Always. But...for some reason I started running in December (I blame Gabby) and now I'm addicted. I run races all the time, but I ran my first Half Marathon in June and it was exhilarating! I'm currently training for my next Half coming up in October, but I have a 15k and an 8-miler before that...I really just cannot stop. It's such a huge stress relief (and it's free. win/win.) and Traverse City has some superb views via running trail.
After The Color Run!

Just being really intimidating after my half marathon, clearly.

S is for Single. Because I am. Would I like to find someone compatible to go on dates with and be lazy and watch movies with and call on the phone and do cutesy things with? Yes. Am I in a depression because I don't have that someone in my life? Nope. I also simply do not have a whole bunch of free time on my hands where I can make myself available to find a boy...and I've really never been much of a "boy-hunter." In related news, however, if you are wondering what I look for in the opposite sex, I happen to have a list right here. Enjoy that.

T is for Traverse City, MI. Otherwise known as my current place of living. It is full of wonderful things such as wonderful scenery, a plethora of festivals and events, my job, Microbrews, delicious locally owned restaurants, a ton of opportunities to be outdoorsy, lakes,'s a great place to live. So far I'm a big fan!

My grad announcement. Thanks Blockhouse Designs!
U is for University of Florida. Aka some of the best years of my life. I love all things about UF. I love Albert. I even love rush hour traffic from 4-6pm I love being a Gator. I love game days. I love owning far too many orange and blue accessories and hair bows. Gainesville will always have a special place in my heart.

V is for Vegetables. I could probably exist solely on vegetables. I love them. I ate an entire head of broccoli for dinner tonight. I see no problem with that.
Did I instagram this? Absolutely.

W is for Wayfarer Flip-ups. I own a pair and I swear by them. I legitimately wear them as much as possible. They're completely unstylish and awkward but I'm totally fine with it because while everyone else is having to take off their sunglasses to see indoors...I simply have to flip up my shades and BOOM. I can see whenever/wherever. I'm sure all of the other 80 year olds who wear these (obviously not the multi-colored kind but still.) will agree that they are just a great thing to own.
Look how functional they are! I'm indoors and I can see EVERYTHING!!!

X is for XOXO. Because I awkwardly sign most things like this. This does not mean that I want to give everyone two hugs and two kisses, I just like it. Plus I feel fancy like Gossip Girl.

Y is for Yogurt. More specifically, Greek Yogurt. Even more specifically, Chobani. I eat one every single day. I cannot stop...even though I'm lactose intolerant. It's worth it.

Z is for using the letter Z instead of S on the end of wordz. Yes, I really do this sometimes. Examples include: lolz, friendz, etc.etc.etc. If you don't want to be my friend anymore, that's fine. I'm not too upset about it as long as I can still end wordz with z.

So, there you go. An entire alphabet of Meaghan Jameson. Now I'm going to go to bed and get some much needed rest before I head into another week of Event Planning and gorgeous TC weather.



  1. Am I gonna start creeping your blog hardcore now? ... yup.

  2. Blog of the year? Definitely!!

  3. I love you! I miss you sooooooo much! I thoroughly look forward to your posts!

    I am so proud of you!


  4. Totally dig this A-Z list you have created! :)

  5. Thank you for all of your comments! I love that people are actually reading and enjoying my blog. I randomly chose and Melissa gets some coozies :)

  6. Unbelievably gorgeous. Keep up the great posts. Congrats on the half. KCCO