Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Parental Units.

I'm not even going to make excuses as to why I haven't blogged.

Nope, that's a lie. I'm absolutely going to make excuses: It's wedding season, so things have been in full swing at work (which is excellent and is keeping me happy and busy and employed), I'm training for my 2nd Half Marathon, so a lot of my downtime is devoted to running. Another chunk of my downtime is devoted to beer drinking because...well, because why not? Andddd....

my parents came to visit (well technically my Mom is still here)! If there is one HUGE thing I've learned, it is that moving across the country (not just to find your broken word...Starting Line lyrics, I really just couldn't help myself. Judge away.) it is that you reaaaaally appreciate your parents. I mean, I've always been thankful to have wonderful parents, but not having them two hours away and seeing them at least every other month is tough. While my dad and I don't see eye to eye on everything, I really feel like this trip made us a lot closer...even if we don't like the same type of beer.
Papa Jameson. Love that man.

Plus, my parents are just fun. I legitimately enjoy hanging out with them and I think that's just swell. This also could be because I have no siblings so they are the only immediate family I have, but I'm going to just go with that it's because they're awesome.

So, without even more of a drawn out introduction, I would like to use this blog post to give you a few reasons why my parents are better than yours.

1. They raised me on The Beatles and classic rock/alternative. Thanks to my parent's fabulous musical taste, I am thoroughly versed on all Beatles albums and can sing along to 90% of the songs. I also consider Tom Petty to be one of the greats...American Girl will be my ringtone for years to come.

2. They support me in everything I do, even if I want them to back off. Seriously. When I said, "Hey Mom and Dad, I'm going to take an internship in Michigan where I don't know anyone and I'm leaving in two months- that's a good idea, right?!"...instead of immediately saying "Whatever, it's your life" or flat out telling me "Absolutely not," my dad told me to wait a day and think it over. Little did I know that in those 24 hours, he called every single one of my now-boss's references to make sure this move was the right choice for me. He then called me back and said that he thought it was a great choice and that him and my mom supported my choice and knew I could do it. While some people may see this as overprotective and awkward, I think it's one of the sweetest gestures I've ever heard of.

3. They drove my VW Bug from Florida to Michigan this summer...and took cell-phone pictures documenting the entire trip. These pictures included captions. I made a Facebook album of all of them. Seriously, hilarious. For example:
The caption was: "Dad driving and doing some light reading. LOL!"

...I die. I just can't even...

4. They taught me how to appreciate good beer...and buy it for me when they visit. I credit my exquisite beer taste to Mama and Papa Jameson. True, my father and I don't always agree on our beers (much like some other parts of life...but honestly he just needs a son. I cannot be that golf-loving, football watching boy that he needs. Mainly because I don't even have the patience to pretend I enjoy those things.), but he still likes some winners...and I definitely got my tolerance from him and not my Mother, who weighs close to nothing and is convinced that since I am so like her that after two beers my ability to drive goes out the window....hint: it doesn't.

5. They did a toast to us being able to curse around each other on my 22nd Birthday. It was a monumental moment in my life. We still don't curse around each other often, but it's the thought that counts, right?

6. We actually enjoy spending time together. Apparently this is an unknown concept for some people and I genuinely feel so terrible for them. If I won the lottery, my parents would be the first people I would call. If I ever got a boyfriend (I'm funny, I know I know.), I would absolutely call my mom...and she would already know all about him. I love the fact that my parents are both my family and some of my best friends. True, we fight and get on each other's nerves, but we get over it. We're pretty damn functional and it's awesome.
Mama Jameson and me...drinking the same beer. Standard.
7. I am completely comfortable with bringing them out to the bars or introducing my friends to them. In fact, my mom came to visit me at UF and we went out to my favorite bar, Mothers, to hang out with all of my guy friends. We did shots, we played quarters...it was the shit. My guy friends still tell me to say Hi to her every time I talk to them. 

The only time this gets awkward is when I'm dating someone new and I forget that meeting the parents is supposed to be some weird right of passage...to me it's just a normal thing. My parents are a big part of my life...me telling you that you're meeting them does not mean we're getting married, it just means that they'll be around a lot and you have to get over it. They already know who you are...don't worry.

8.. They supported me through college, but still taught me how to look out for myself. I'm an independent girl. I'm good at "doing-me" (not in that way, gross. stop that.) and I do not need someone in my life to baby me and make sure I'm getting things done. While my parents made sure I had the means to succeed and definitely spoiled me as a child, they never overdid it. When I graduated college, I was able to easily transition into paying for my own things and supporting myself. They taught me well and I cannot thank them enough...perhaps this blog post will do?! Teehee.

So. Yep. My parents are great. Let's conclude this with a goal-update, shall we? K.

1. Run a half marathon. Check that off SO HARD. I ran a half, I've run a 15k, a 10k, a bunch of 5ks...and I'm currently training for my second half in October. WHATUP?!
2. Grow my hair out without getting annoyed that it is taking too long and chopping it off again. My hair is at a confirmed "medium" length...almost there.
3. Learn how to do the perfect smokey eye... I'll never learn.
4. Only drink alcohol two days a week (see, I told you some are far fetched) (unfortunately) This is pretty legit. I've been so busy and tired lately that this is down to once a week sometimes....I know. Oh, I know.
5. Snag myself a quality boyfriend. (hollatchagirl) ...nope. 
6. Obtain a full time job that I enjoy Ayo Events North!
7. Lose 15lbs. maybe this and the boyfriend go hand in hand?
8. Get at least a 2 pack. (a girl can dream) my upper abs are actually looking pretty dece.
9. Visit NYC Not going to happen...but visit Kansas? Soon!
10. Visit all of the wineries in Traverse City I'm about halfsies there.
11. Go downhill skiing nope.
12. Go hiking for a considerable distance...not like a 5 mile hike. I want the real deal. Someone. Anyone. Take me.
13. Go camping for an entire weekend. Realistically this probably is not happening this year.
14. Realistically consider getting a tattoo (sorry mom.) Done annnnd done.
15. Go to Bonnaroo again. Nope. But I went to Electric Forest so that kind of replaces it.
16. Blog more than once a week I suck.
17. Go through my Ipod and make the perfect playlists/actually delete songs I don't want.
18. Learn to ice skate and enjoy it.
19. Do something that I never thought I could do (conquer a fear, go somewhere crazy, etc.)  This applies to so many things.
20. Learn how to knit why did I even make this a goal? 
21. Read one book a month Hahahahaha.
22. Don't be a doormat/look out for myself/etc. I am looking out for myself more than ever before and I'm so proud. Sorry for the moment of girly self empowerment, but sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due...even if it's to yourself.

41. I have an entire binder full of recipes that I've cut out...but I've only made around 2 of them because they serve like, 6 people each. Apparently the creators expect you to have friends. WHATEVER.


  1. You. Are. Frakking. Awesome! :) I can so sense the bubbly goodness emanating from this blog. Well done! KCCO!

  2. I know how to knit. Is that weird?

  3. What the....apparently my name is "-AR" on my Google account...I uh...I don't even....

  4. "AR"...you're so mysterious on blogger.

  5. I'm just an everyday, normal guy and based off what I can gather from The Chive, I don't think #7 should be there - you look amazing. Now, KCCO!

  6. @Meghan. Right? Its like I'm Robin, wearing a mask. TOTALLY CAN'T TELL WHO I AM. NOPE.

  7. Meaghan* and thanks DownTown22 :)

  8. Love reading through these! You have a great writing style and can sure tell a story! I've been meaning to start blogging for wayyyyyyy tooooo long now!

  9. I love reading your blog it's a lot of fun to read :) You should get on this website called www.fitocracy.com it tracks your workouts it helps with getting motivated with going to the gym. Not that you need it :)

  10. Blonde, This is your, ahem, best blog ever. Your parents are obviously very awesome and have raised an over-the-top daughter. Sadie would be jealous of their devotion to you if she could remember who we all are (sad!). Keep on those abs, they will set you free! Padre

  11. Sounds like you have some pretty great parents - though I might have to disagree with them being better than mine (I'm not biased, I swear).

    As someone who also just followed graduation with moving across the country (Chicago to New York), I know exactly what you mean. Exchanging a 2 and half hour drive for a 2 and a half hour flight definitely makes the time spent with my parents that much more appreciated. And having parents that support (encourage, even) a move across the country is rare - but that much more important, cuz moves like that aren't easy, even with that support. Luckily, the distance doesn't stop my dad and I from still swapping golf tips and fantasy football predictions.

    Oh and if you figure out that problem with the recipes, I want to know too - cooking for 1 is a pain.