Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't be a big idiot.

Hi world. I've missed you. I've been hard at work at the Events North office, but I've also been super busy having a life and kind of forgot that blogging was something that I should probably attempt to do regularly.
Busy people have more fun. I'm living proof.

A few updates before I rant (you heard me. Get ready. Here I come.):

- Work is still superb. I have never worked this hard at something in my life, but I think that the fact that I strive to be better everyday means that I actually love what I do. Plus my boss is great (Hi Allison. Don't pretend you're not reading this.) and buys me nice things like coffee and fun colored nail polish...and Hello Kitty make-up cases. I don't hate it.

- I have a respectable amount of friends in Michigan. Plus I have a really lovely roommate who dislikes most children, likes the Beatles and is enjoyable to hang out with. Hooray socialization!

- I met a really nice boy. I'm totally blushing as I write this- embarrassing... Whatevah. He's fun and smart and is taking me on adventures and I'm super excited about it. He also made the fantastic mistake of leaving his N64 at my apartment (keeper right?!), giving me even more excuses as to why I haven't been blogging.

- I got bored and put a fourth hole in my ear. I'm one wild and crazy girl.

Okay! So, on to my rant of the day...week...okay, month. It's pretty simple, really. It goes a little like: don't be a big idiot.

What are things that make up big-idiotness, you ask? Don't you even worry. I gotchu.

1. JUST USE YOUR BLINKER. I hope that everyone who slams on their breaks to make an unexpected turn right in front of me enjoys the cursing coming from my vehicle.

2. Don't leave your dog in your car. Seriously? I get so angry whenever I see a dog in a car in the parking lot. Especially when the windows are up. If you have a pet, treat them right. Why would you take on that responsibility and then half-ass it. I know that I personally freak out when I'm in a car that is off and has the windows up. Granted, I overreact in most situations, but I always get the feeling that I won't be able to breathe. If I can't can your dog breathe!? Are your groceries really worth your pet's sad face when you return to the car?

3. Don't walk at a snail's pace while crossing the street. Especially do not do this if you're texting the entire time you are walking. Are you really not worried that a car will hit you? Do you think you're a super human? False.

4. Throw away your own.damn.trash. For some reason, some individuals seem to have a really hard time differentiating the street from a trash can. I'm here to let you know something: you're an idiot. Do you hate small animals? Do you hate the Earth? Do you enjoy pollution and ruining the environment? If you answered yes to these, Hey! Keep on keepin' on, litterbug! If you read these and are not a heartless robot-human, invest in a trash can.

5. I know that I mention my dislike of children...a lot. I should probably clarify. I enjoy well-behaved children. I enjoy children who are nice and funny. Which brings me to my #5: If you are not going to pay attention to your child or be completely irresponsible about having a child...then please do not get angry at me as I shoot daggers at you and your nugget with my eyes. Some examples include: letting your child scream and throw a fit in public, taking your child to a restaurant after 9pm (seriously? You're kidding, right?), or taking your infant into a movie and letting it wail because you don't want to miss a part. I once experienced the latter in a showing of Magic Mike (judge me). WHY DO YOU HAVE A CHILD IN A MOVIE ABOUT A MALE STRIPPER?! No. Stop.

Honestly, I could continue to complain about a wide variety of "What the hell is wrong with you" subjects...but I am instead going to paint my nails, think about how wonderful my life is going lately, and give you a(nother) GOAL UPDATE! I know I just did one last month, but I've checked another one off and I just want to show off.

1. Run a half marathon. 
2. Grow my hair out without getting annoyed that it is taking too long and chopping it off again. Still going strong!
3. Learn how to do the perfect smokey eye... I do a decent enough job. I've even had compliments on my eye makeup. Granted, the girls may have been intoxicated when said compliments happened but I still count them.
4. Only drink alcohol two days a week (see, I told you some are far fetched) Close enough.
5. Snag myself a quality boyfriend. :)!
6. Obtain a full time job that I enjoy Ayo Events North!
7. Lose 15lbs. womp.
8. Get at least a 2 pack. (a girl can dream) meh.
9. Visit NYC Still not happening, but I've traveled places I've never been and I'm proud.
10. Visit all of the wineries in Traverse City I'm about halfsies there.
11. Go downhill skiing nope.
12. Go hiking for a considerable distance...not like a 5 mile hike. I want the real deal. Someone. Anyone. Take me.
13. Go camping for an entire weekend. Realistically this probably is not happening this year.
14. Realistically consider getting a tattoo (sorry mom.) Done annnnd done.
15. Go to Bonnaroo again. Nope. But I went to Electric Forest so that kind of replaces it.
16. Blog more than once a week I suck.
17. Go through my Ipod and make the perfect playlists/actually delete songs I don't want.
18. Learn to ice skate and enjoy it.
19. Do something that I never thought I could do (conquer a fear, go somewhere crazy, etc.)  This applies to so many things.
20. Learn how to knit Ignore this goal.
21. Read one book a month Hahahahaha.
22. Don't be a doormat/look out for myself/etc.

42. I like to say things in really strange voices sometimes because...nope. There actually is not a reason. I just do these things.

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  1. G'day Meaghan, new to the game and just wanted to say: "Who's awesome? You're awesome!" KCCO.