Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween... I may get a little too into it.

I get excited about things. Like, super excited. If almond milk is on sale, I literally say "SCORE!" in the middle of aisle six. If I run a race and beat my personal record, I will most likely call five people immediately afterwards to tell them. So, it goes without saying that I go all out for Halloween.

Therefore, I decided since Halloween is in the air (and taking over our apartment...seriously, we got a little intense with our decor. We're not even having a party. I don't hate it), I should post some pictures of costumes I've thrown together through the years. So, enjoy the following images/descriptions!

2006: Jack Sparrow aka my greatest costume...ever.
This is still my absolute favorite costume. Ever. I had just dyed my hair really dark brown for a play (Fiddler on the Roof...apparently long blonde hair doesn't really look super Jewish. Weird.), so I needed a costume that could utilize my dark brown locks.I pulled this beauty together in 20 minutes from things I found in my closet. I'm clearly a little proud.

2007: German Beer Girl
My first ever "sexy" Halloween costume. I combined this little number with some knee socks and pitchers. I'm pretty positive that eight other girls in my sorority wore this throughout the college years...I brought it back myself in Junior year at the GHFC Halloween party. It's like a gift that keeps on giving.
Also, ten points to whoever can figure out what the hell Briana is supposed to be. 

2008: Lil' Bo Peep
My first college Halloween Grab-a-date! My date was Woody from Toy Story. Cuteness overload, I'm aware. I also made majority of this costume (like that adorable sheep apron. That was brought to you by a hot glue gun, scissors, my craftiness and some felt.)

2009: Butterfly
1. The black dress I'm wearing was one of my homecoming dresses. Judge away, I'm okay with it. 2. I did my own face paint. 3. My date was a butterfly catcher (think Pokemon for Gameboy...when they're in the Safari. I hope everyone has a really great image in their minds.)

2010: Dirty Pirate Hooker
I have a thing for Pirates. This was a very NPR Halloween. Compliments to Briana's camera for capturing my fierce pirate-y face.

2011: Ke$ha
This is another one of my absolute favorites. I also made every part of this costume...except the combat boots. Gabby provided those beauties. I carried around a bottle of Jack filled with wine and ended up passing out on a couch, true Ke$ha style. Side note: I did not wake up feeling like P.Diddy the next day.

2011: Cupcake!
Yep. That's right. I dressed up as a cupcake. I made this gem as well. If you're wondering, I have a huge cupcake obsession, so this costume was simply appropriate. And yes, those are cupcake keds on my feet.

2012: Unicorn
I had no idea what I was going to be for Halloween this year. Well, at first I had big goals of being a light brite...but then I ran out of time to figure out the schematics of that. So, I hopped on over to Joann's Fabrics, picked up some rainbow yarn, white glitter tulle and gold fabric and went to town. I rainbow chalked my hair, threw some stars on my face. Boom. Unicorn.

2012: Peacock
I have a kind-of-rule that I need a new costume for each party/occasion. Therefore, I ganked my roommate's peacock tail and skirt and combined it with some hair chalk, glitter and all the teal items I had in my possession. Who doesn't enjoy a great exotic bird costume every once and a while?

So, there it is. My Halloween costumes from 11th grade of High School to now. Personally, I think that I have a pretty solid grasp on this whole costume party thing. Mainly because I like any excuse to wear bright colors, face paint and far too much glitter.

43. I take a lot of mirror photos. I'm aware of this. I've accepted it. People still feel the need to let me know that I "take a lot of mirror photos,'" which makes me giggle since I obviously know. I'm completely conscious when they're happening (I also just thought about how funny it would be if I blacked out every time I took one and then woke up to it posted to Facebook and was like WHAT?! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?)


  1. You're wonderful! I love following you on twitter!! KCCO from Italy!!

  2. Love love love the cupcake costume! My friend and I are trying to replicate it! Do you have a link to a pattern? Or, can you give a little more detail such as... Is the skirt a circle skirt? Is it fitted with a zipper or did you use an elastic waist band on the skirt? How did you get the ruching on top to stay in place? Love it!! :)

    1. I would really like to know how you made it as well!!!

    2. I would really like to know how you made it as well!!!