Saturday, February 23, 2013

Excellent Adventures

I came to the realization that I often times describe myself as someone who is "not very adventurous." I use examples such as: "Ugh, I have no desire to sky dive. The thought of bungee cords makes me ill. Rollerblading downhill? No, thank you."

However, I had a lot of weird dreams last night that caused me to wake up and say... Wait a hot minute. I am adventurous. I love adventures and doing strange and out of the ordinary things. I would thrive in the Harry Potter world (and I would at least earn ten points for Gryffindor). It's not that I'm not adventurous, I'm just not a thrill-seeker. I don't chase situations that could lead to potential death and/or the loss of limbs.

My adventures, nonetheless, are top-notch. It helps that I tend to surround myself with people who are as random and as willing to participate in nonsensical things as I am. Obviously the rest of this blog post is going to cover some of my favorite weird and fantastic adventures.

My adventures started at a young age, which is probably due to the fact that I met the girl who would end up being my best friend (FO LYFE) in the third grade...and that she liked being strange just as much as I did.
We did awkward things and went on fun adventures all the way through our senior year of High School. Then we graduated and went off to college together...

and started doing really awkward things and going on fantastic adventures. I'm going to say our most excellent adventure to date (although it did have fierce competition from riding our bikes around my neighborhood while singing Christmas Carols in July, dressing up in 60's costumes and going to Walmart at 12am...while only responding with things like "totally groovy," reliving Andy Samberg's "Lazy Sunday" video,  ziplining, shananigans on a cruise, basically any stupid nonsense we did in college, etc.etc.etc.) was when we road-tripped to Bonnaroo. At age 20, by ourselves. We went for free because we volunteered, but we were also completely unprepared and were clearly out of our element at first.
Plus, we made great new friends at Bonnaroo!

But, being the fun-loving bad ass bitches we are, we had We didn't drink, we didn't do drugs, we went to a music festival, put up a tent and had a blast. We then proceeded to stop at every touristy stop along the way back to college (our favorite was the 'Nut-emporium" because "we're nuts about nuts!!!!!"... we also still make sure to stop there any chance we have to pass it. You can literally make an entire meal out of nuts. Or like, three meals. Okay, done talking about nuts.) and ate way too many apple-donuts (yum).

I think my next favorite adventure would have to be when my very best guy friend, Jacob, and I dressed up as tourists and went to Islands of Adventure. Yes, we did have plans to enjoy the rides, but our main motive for going to the theme park was to take the most ridiculously realistic tourist photos we could. The rules for the day were: 1. You have to take a photo anywhere that is listed as a "Kodak moment photo stop" 2. If you see a tourist taking a photo, you have to imitate it. 3. You have to speak in a British accent while we're in Harry Potter land 4. Any characters we 5. Prom pic with Jaws.

#5. Check.
We went to the park on 11.11.11, so we obviously made shirts. We also wore crew-socks, fanny packs and were simply just lookin' real touristy.

I have also become much more adventurous and willing to do random things since moving to Michigan. For instance: I snow-tubbed the dunes with my boyfriend, Dan. It was terrifyingly awesome. We also hit up Meijer (the Michigan Publix) and Kohls and swapped stock photos out for photos of a random family. It was probably the edgiest thing I've done lately, but was hilarious.

Hint: The baby is the photo we  put in there.
 I also try a lot of new things and I'm so glad that I do. He's really great at encouraging my inner-adventurer, so that's helpful as well.

One of the greatest adventures I've been on lately is accepting an offer from theCHIVE to fly out to California, stay in a hotel on Venice Beach and hang out with them for the weekend. The best part of that, other than the fact that I got to fly to California and hang out with the gentlemen who run theCHIVE and received a bunch of free swag and a welcome package of Baileys, Blue Moon and Ringpops, was that I got to go on this adventure with one of my favorite people ever: Megan Werner.
Venice Beach. Coffee & Baileys. Love.
I told "Welcome basket"

How I met Megan is an adventure all in itself. Basically, we met online, realized we were essentially the same person and destined to be best friends, I flew to Kansas to visit her, it was awesome, and she has been one of my closest friends ever since. Then we got to tear up California together. 

I think a lot of what makes a person adventurous is having the ability to trust people and also having an open mind, which I think I do a great job at. I also think a huge part of being adventurous is making sure to have people in your  life who respond with "Let's go. Now." when you ask things like: "Hey, do you want to dress up like clowns and go to the movies. I have some bottles of wine we can bring in as well." 

Having parents who tell me stories of how they dressed up as "extremely realistic rabbits" for costume parties and toured around with the Rugby team for three weeks "just to do it" probably helps as well.

46.  I like to finish books in one sitting. It really makes me sad when I have to spread reading an awesome book out over a long period of time. For instance: Harry Potter-- I turned into a hobbit and stayed in a chair for a day or so until I finished. 

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  1. You ARE adventurous! And silly, and all sorts of awesome.