Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Lessons are Fun!

I've had a lot going on the past couple of months (clearly...but I'm going to try to stop apologizing for my lack of blog posts since I am a firm believer that overusing I'm sorry and not fixing your mistakes is silly). I'm a busy bee right now and I'm still functioning and breathing and finding time to do things I enjoy, so I take that as a good sign. Event Planning Preseason is in full-swing...

You know how sports teams start practicing really hardcore before they start their actual season so they can be awesome at dribbling or batting or other sportsy things? That's kind of how Event Planning Pre-season works except instead of finessing our muscular skills, we're finalizing details and contacting vendors and a million other things. It's a mastery of multi-tasking.

So yes. I've been busy lately. But good busy. Oh and I cut my hair into full bangs. I feel like it was a good decision. I'm happy about it.

I also feel like I've learned a few things as of lately. Not anything like, earth-shattering or mind-blowing, but things that I did not know before that I now do. Learning is awesome and I personally believe that any new little tidbit of knowledge is fantastic (a tidbit is a matter how small

...I had to.)

Anyways, here are a few things I've learned:

1. It is possible to survive a week (although I'm going for 30 days) without carbs. Also without beer...which has carbs as well, but whatever.

2. One girl does not need to purchase clothing every time she shops. Even if it's on sale. Even if you didn't have that color yet. Ugh.

3. Moving isn't fun. Especially when you're on the third floor...with no elevator. In fact, it's kind of overwhelming looking at all the random things I own and picturing them in boxes. Where did I get all of this nonsense?

4. If you microwave a brownie for 11 seconds, you've got yourself a superb dessert. Add some ice cream. BOOM. done.

5. There is a reason that otterboxes are so expensive. RIP front of iPhone.

6. True friends are ones who, even if you haven't talked on the phone in a few months, still stalk your Facebook and get on your ass about getting back in touch/catching up (shout out Briana Suojanen)

7. I'm getting pretty decent at Settlers of Catan.
This is Settlers of Catan. Gimme dat wheat

8. If you dedicate an hour or so a night to reading, you'll eventually finish a book (shocker, I know.)

9. The trash doesn't take itself out. Another Ughhhh.

10. Cooking with someone else is so much more fun than cooking by yourself. Also, cooking for two is a whole lot easier than cooking for one.

Hooray lessons! In unrelated news, it may snow tomorrow and I'm not a big fan of that. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?!

47. I really enjoy listening to upbeat music, but usually it's during summer or when it's sunny. On rainy or snowy days, I enjoy some Mumford and Sons or something. It just fits better.

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  1. <3 youuuuu :) and miss you bunchies.. almost like honey bunches of oats! Even though I eat that regularly.

    K.. clearly I just miss you. :-*