Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Young & Restless.

I have a confession. I've been hiding a pretty big secret since the beginning of January. Well, technically it became not as much of a secret at the end of March, and now quite a few people know, but there are a great deal of you who have no idea of this huge mutha effin' elephant on this mutha effin' plane (I think I'm funny, so that's all that counts with jokes like that one that I just pulled).

Back to what I was typing before I made a not-even-relevant movie reference (I actually have not even seen the snakes on the plane movie, but that does not stop me from making jokes about it). I have big news. SUPER big news. So big that I'm currently standing atop a mountain screaming it as I type it (or sitting on my patio with a Rum & Diet Coke in hand. Samesies):

I am leaving my job at the end of September to go on adventures. Adventures include: A trip to Vegas with Mama J, A road trip across the US of A (destinations TBD, but there has been talk of Seattle, NYC, Chicago, the Rocky Mountains...clearly there has not been much realistic thought about this trip, but as Dan [the boyfriend, in case you are a complete stranger reading my blog -- in which case I say "Welcome Newcomer!"] says: You don't really plan road trips until right beforehand. I'm not used to this type of spontaneity, but I'm going to turn my big-girl pants into some cut-off shorts and let loose a bit.)
Thanks cup-bottom. I think I will.

Oh, I am also going on a music festival/cruise in January and in the process of planning a Eurotrip. Then I will return to the land of the free and the home of the brave (Shout out USA!), buy some new big-girl pants and search for a job in the field of Advertising/Marketing/Social Media.

But Meaghan, you cry, I thought you loved your job and your boss! You always talk about how wonderful life at Events North is!

Don't get me wrong here. Life at Events North is wonderful. I do have the best boss in the entire world. In fact, today she hugged me just for coming to work. Here's how it went down: I have the upmost respect for all things Allison Beers/Events North, but I came to realize that I wasn't really passionate about all aspects of event planning and that the parts I absolutely loved were all things marketing/advertising/writing related. So, I drank 18 cups of courage with breakfast one morning in March and talked to Allison. 
After I tearfully confessed to her that I did not think I was not cut out to be an Event Planner forever, she looked at me and said, "Okay. You stay on with me until the end of event season (end of September), continue to work as hard as you do, and I will help you to find a job and give you a stellar recommendation.

And so here we are. I am in full event mode until the end of September, I am currently saving every penny that I can (seriously, I almost yelp out in joy whenever I find spare change on the ground. I have been out of apples for a week and a half and until they are on sale, I'm not buying.), I am planning some real adventurous stuff from October- March, and then am going to hunt down a job in a field in which I think I will excel. Will I definitely excel in the advertising/marketing field? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm trying out this trial and error thing, which is very new for me and is a solid blend of terrifying and exciting. Do I know where I will end up? Nope. As much as I'd love to stay in Traverse City (The view of the bay really is worth half the pay), if I find an opportunity that is absolutely perfect somewhere else (hopefully Grand Rapids or Chicago. Or Tampa. I could do Tampa.), then I'm going to grab it. 

So there's that.


  1. You'll love Tampa, and Tampa would be even more awesome to have someone of your caliber down here! Chive On ;)

  2. I'm excited for you, but my heart just broke a widdle bit.