Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pre-RAK Roadtrip Update #1 & my mom dancing with Michael Franti

You know what is really great about starting a journey where your main purpose is to do nice things for strangers? That strangers are just as eager to do nice things for you.

Since announcing my "RAK Roadtrip" mission two weeks ago, I've gathered almost $400.00 in donations, some from my personal circle of friends, but quite a bit from individuals I've met only once/ some people that I only know through Twitter or other social media platforms. People I do not even know are donating significant sums of money to my cause and I am beyond humbled. So, let's start this blog post out with a thank you to those people and their well-wishes:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! to: Jim Pardue, Mark Wackwitz, Alyse Danikowski, Rob Welch, Daniel E, Dave Gogel, Patrick Corder, Jenny Hinton, Ralphiee Esperas, Anne Varga, Jay Fleck, Natalie Onions, Jillian Kempsell, and Briana Soujanen. Seriously, you are all some super generous people.

Next, I want to update everyone reading this post about the fact that Dan and I have been offered kindness in so many other ways than just donations. Most of which has been from, again, people we have only met once or twice and/or through social media. Free meals, beers (Yes, please.), couches to crash on, showers, washers&driers, etc. Besides that, the fact that we will be able to travel through the USA and meet all of these gracious people will be a gift in itself.

The fact that people, especially the ones that we've only met once or haven't met at all, are so willing to offer up any of these things is so wonderful and makes me even more excited for this RAK Roadtrip. It's the best feeling in the world to have others want to do nice things for you "just because" and knowing that I will be doing the same thing for others soon is exhilarating. I want everyone to experience this feeling and soon Dan and I will be making that happen for some people. That's just really cool to think about.

So, if you want to help spread the love and support my RAK Roadtrip, you can do so right here. You may notice that the goal is set at $10,000 (AKA my mom did). Is that a ton of money and kind of a long shot? Yep. But why not set the goal high? What do I have to lose? In my opinion, any sum of money donated is a success whether or not that $10,000 goal is reached.

In non-Roadtrip news, I've been doing a lot of fun-filled things lately. Some of these things include participating in my second Color Run, which was a blast. Something about getting covered in different dyes while running causes me to smile the entire way. Sure, my right arm was still blue for a couple days...still totally worth it. Plus, some of my family was there to cheer me on, which was really great. Having someone waiting for you at the finish line is the icing on the cake of any race.

A glimpse into The Color Run. This was right before the first station (Note that everyone's shirts are still white.)
Post color run with my mom, my Uncle Danny, Aunt Lois and Aunt Sally. I may have gotten a little colored.
The next weekend I was the coordinator for a wedding along the bay. It was the perfect day, a lovely couple, and... as I mentioned, the wedding was right along the bay. It really could not have gone wrong (unless it was raining, which may have resulted in a less-than-perfect day, but it didn't rain, so let's just pretend that this wedding could have been nothing less than perfect. Okay? Great!).
I love this.
See, perfection.
To top off my list of great things I've been doing, I am currently sitting in my family's lake house, enjoying a Coffee & Baileys (which may or may not be my Kryptonite...I also probably should not have shared that in case anyone is trying to win me over and steal my soul. Please don't. It's just not nice, yano?) and hanging out with my family.

We enjoyed a night out at the TC Microbrew Music Festival last night, which included Dan, a lot of craft brews and a concert from Michael Franti with an opening act by Cris Cab. It was such a great time and a really fun way to kick off the weekend. I also drank a Pumpkin Ale that I'm pretty positive changed my life in a small way.
My mom dancing with Michael Franti. No one is surprised.
Papa Jameson and myself.
Some Michael Franti action courtesy of Papa Jameson's camera skills.
Beach balls!
Dan ducked down in this photo for me since he is usually a foot taller than me. He's nice. He's also nice to look at. I'll stop now.
So, yes I have been having a few pretty darn wonderful weeks. The rest of my time has been spent rollerblading, working, making food, eating that food, or watching Breaking Bad/Parks & Rec. What are your thoughts on Breaking Bad, by the way? Do you want Walt to get away with it or are you Team Hank?

49.  I enjoy watching TV shows in marathon format, which sometimes leads to lack of sleep/social life (sacrifices one has to make in order to catch up on five seasons of TV shows. Especially ones about chem teachers with cancer making meth.). I also realized I dislike commercials now that I've been spoiled with Netflix. Ugh. First World Problems, galore.

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