Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Month of Importance

September is a pretty decent month all around, but September of 2013 will definitely be one to remember.

I'll start off with some RAK Roadtrip news: thanks to 34 generous souls, donations have officially broken $1,000!
Yes, I'm still aware that $10,000 is a ton of money, but I'm setting my SMART goals higher than usual.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has donated, shared my gofundme page, spread the way or shown support in anyway. I am getting really pumped (exclaimations of glee over here, seriously) about this trip and all the amazing things that those donations are going to be able to accomplish!

Now, on to un-RAK-related things. Otherwise known as "Why this September is a pretty big deal" by Meaghan Jameson, age 23.

1. It's my mom's birthday on the 29th -- this happens every year, obviously, but this year she is getting super adventurous and going ziplining with her best gal-pals (who all of their children refer to as the "Sexy Six"). I'm so excited for her to have a blast on her birthday weekend. Hooray, Madre!
Mama Jameson and myself at Beer Fest. She's super fun.
2. I'll have been dating Dan for an entire year of life! That's a whole year of putting up with me speaking in exclamation points constantly because I'm just so excited about everything. A whole year of me twitching in my sleep. An entire year of me finally coming around to green pepper. Anyways, I'll avoid being really mushy and cutesy, but I'm the absolute luckiest girl.

We're really normal and boring. All the time. It's probably why we work so well.
3. This is not a great reason, but holy guacamole, Breaking Bad has been killing it this season -- it's making September even better. Walt is a monster and damn it, I love it.
I also really really love this cover. Well done, gents.

4. I have my last event this upcoming weekend! It's a wedding for some amazing people over at Snow Moon Ranch. I'll share pictures with you when it's complete, but I'm just really excited to be able to hang out with llamas again (Snow Moon Ranch is a llama/alpaca farm. Awesome. I know.)

5. This month, September 30th to be exact, marks my last day at Events North. I gave my six month notice in March, but the fact that I am within the infamous two-week mark is starting to make me nervous and sad. Dan keeps telling me to turn in my two-weeks notice just for kicks, but I honestly don't know what to say...mainly because I don't do things half-ass, so I would have to make it great. Also because I am now within my two-week notice period, so it wouldn't be as funny. Damn it, Meaghan.

Whatever. I'll figure something out. ANYWAYS. September is my last month of employment for a couple months, which is really weird. 

See -- September is definitely a month of importance.

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