Tuesday, September 3, 2013

RAK Roadtrip Update #2 aka I Have an Awesome Boss

It is officially September, which means a few things: A). I can break out my cardigans on a daily basis (I own one in basically every color. Some people call that a problem. I call it fashionably necessary) B). PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING. C). I only have a month left working for Events North.

Am I a little nervous? Yes. Yes I am. However, I'm just as excited to get started on a most excellent adventure.
I should watch this movie more often.

In related news, as excited as I am to gallivant around the USA/Europe/Space (Not really, but that would be pretty stellar), I am also mildly depressed that I will no longer be employed by Allison Beers, who will most likely be the best boss I've ever had. Not only has she taught me everything and anything there is to know about Event Planning, and not to mention that she is going to give me a stellar review/help me find a new job when that time comes...but she has also offered up the greatest going away present that I could have asked for.

Here's the deal-io: If I raise $250 for my RAK Roadtrip in the month of September, Allison is going to match that and donate another $250.  That's $500 to be used for random acts of kindness! $500 to spread good cheer and help other people enjoy life a little bit more. Essentially, it's perfect and awesome and my excitement is not containable (It's normally not anyways, but now it's just extra obnoxious)!!!

Hilarious and appropriate.

So, here is where you/your friends/strangers you meet/your neighbors/maybe your dog come in: I really need help to spread the word and to raise that $250 in the next few weeks! Donations can be made right here and as usual, I want to remind you that every penny counts. A small bit will help to make a huge impact.

They say good news travels fast, so let's go like, 14 mph over the speed limit on this one (because then you're still speeding, but not enough to get you a stupid-expensive ticket).

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