Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Call for Help and an Awesome Video.

Hi friends! I'm writing this blog from sunny (seriously, so sunny) Florida, where I am visiting my parents and friends who remain in the New Port Richey area -- all five of them.

You may be thinking to yourself, wait Meaghan! Weren't you supposed to be going on a cruise with your family now that you're officially unemployed!? To that I say: excellent observation, blog reader. Here's the sitch:

First and foremost: yes. I am unemployed and am now in full RAK Roadtrip prep mode (with a couple yoga classes and disc golf opportunities thrown in. Okay, a lot of those thrown in.). I had a fantastic last day at Events North where my amazing no-longer-boss (weird), Allison, took my previous co-worker Rachel and myself to get a mani/pedi, out to lunch for some really great food at Trattoria Stella and then out for wine/cider at Left Foot Charley. It was perfect.
Rachel and I showing off our nails. So fresh.
Secondly: My family and I were supposed to be cruising this weekend, but unfortunately my dad had to take a trip to the hospital so we spent our past few days there instead. He's okay -- he was internally bleeding and it was determined that he had a stomach ulcer, but he is now out of the hospital and is currently watching the Gators game in the comfort of his own home. I realize that I should probably also be watching the Gators game, but...priorities (Blogging>Sportz).

So, that means our cruise left without us, which is not the end of the world. I'm lucky enough to have actually been in Florida to keep my family company (read: keep my mom sane), so I think that's far more important.

Thirdly: There is no thirdly.

On a lighter note, I've been doing some promoting of the RAK Roadtrip (read the original blog post here), which has raised almost $1,500 in donations!!! I'm going to be hitting it even harder with promotions started next week since November is approaching quickly, but I could really use your help with a couple things.

1. My amazingly talented and generous friend Natalie created an adorable promotional video for the RAK Roadtrip. I've posted it right here, but if you could please, please, PLEASE watch it, share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, email, your own blog, etc. that would be amazing. I think that this video will really help to raise awareness (especially with the dog in the band-aids. Bleeding hearts unite!)

2. Please donate if you're able. I keep saying this (because it's true), but every penny counts. I am so excited to be able to take this journey with Dan and spread love everywhere! It's going to make an impact, no matter how small or large, on so many people/places and that is just fantastic. So, here is the link to the RAK Roadtrip GoFundMe Page.
A little help can go a long way.

3. I need you to rack your creative minds and think outside the box for me. I would really like your help and input on some ideas of how we can commit random acts of kindness. Please comment on this post, Facebook message me, Tweet at me, email me at or text me if we're that close and let me know something that you think would be a good way to spread some joy around with the funds raised. Dan and I are pretty creative and innovative ourselves, but with the help of other people, we can collect a ton of great ideas. 

I really appreciate any help you can provide! And now to end this post, here is a picture of me and my friend Briana dressed as a zombie prom queen and zombie girl scout for a pub crawl. Yep.
"First thangs first we'll eatcha brains"- Nicki Minaj

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