Sunday, October 20, 2013

That One Time We Hit 2K & Seeyuh Florida!

October in Florida is pretty much like any other month in Florida except you have to bring a light jacket into restaurants because the A/C is cranked up the same amount as it was during the summer months, but it's ten degrees cooler outside. Don't ask me how that is a huge difference, but it definitely is one.

With that said, I am currently enjoying my last day in Florida. I'm wearing a tank top and shorts and am thinking about the fact that tomorrow when I am back in Michigan I will be wearing layers. I do love a good scarf (and Dan can testify to the fact that I own an embarrassing amount of them.... I may even own more scarves than I do cardigans. I may even own more scarves that I did pairs of jorts in college. Which is a lot.).
Myself and mama Jameson. We went out on the town (aka we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner and then had a drink in our hotel bar)
Florida has been lovely and I'm bummed to leave, especially since Dan is currently across the country in Spokane, Washington with his brother and I won't see him until around midnight on Thursday/ Friday morning. I won't have seen him for 20 days, which is rough and makes Traverse City a little bit lonely.

Luckily I have great friends up there (shout out Em and Claire) and we're having a Halloween day on Wednesday. We're making costumes, carving pumpkins, getting sick off eating the seeds, and probably indulging in some Halloween movies (Thanks ABC Family!).

In RAK Roadtrip Related news, we have officially hit $2,000 in donations!!! This is huge. With $2,000, Dan and I are going to be able to help people and spread some love in so many different ways. I am blown away by people's willingness to donate and spread the word. I also sent out a few press releases this past week, so hopefully one gets picked up somewhere. It would be pretty fantastic to have the RAK roadtrip featured in the local news. Maybe it'll even inspire some others to do some RAKing in the area!

As much as $2,000 will be able to help with Random Acts of Kindness, think what $2,500 or even $5,000 could do! If you want to spread the news (I'd really appreciate it!), here are some links:

GoFundMe Page:
Youtube video (as shown in this post):

The next step in roadtrip prep (since it is coming up so soon) is for Dan and me to sit down and plan out a timeline and budget so that we can call anyone we would like to see/potentially stay with/utilize their washer and drier/etc.etc.etc. and give them a projected week that we will be in town.So, you'll probably be hearing from us!

Source: The Keep Calm-O-Matic
Also, please keep those RAK ideas coming. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Random Acts of Kindness we should perform or someone in your area who could use a helping hand!

I'll end this post with a Meaghan-ism (Random fact about myself): 50. I am absolutely terrified of scary movies/characters/shows. I know it's crazy since I'm pretty smart, but I have a really hard time separating scary fake things from reality. Also, I don't mean mildly scared -- I mean scared. I attempted to go to Halloween Horror Nights one year and face my fears in a haunted house. I got halfway down the waiting line and started shaking and convulsing with sobs and ran out of line. Good times!

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  1. shout back to you mj. trifecta isnt the same without you xoxo