Saturday, November 16, 2013


Picture this: Mountains dusted with snow, the sun setting in front of you spreading colors of orange, pink and red throughout the sky, and the wide open road.

...Welcome to our current view. We are leaving Boulder, CO, and thanks to our friend Derek's suggestion, we are on our way to camp at the Moab Arches National Park in Utah for a day or two, which we are definitely looking forward to. Before we tell you about all of our adventures whilst camping, allow me to fill you in on our last two days!

Once we left Denver we headed straight to Boulder, CO to hike up a mountain. Hike up a mountain. Dan has hiked a variety of mountains and other tall things, but I have never really done so, therefore I was in for an adventure. The mountain we settled on was called Chitaqua and it was quite a feat.
Where is Dan?
View from the top!
After around two hours of hiking, six chipmunk sightings and a few occurrences of Dan rock climbing (I sadly was not born with that much courage), we made it to the top! It was absolutely stunning and left us both with quite the feeling of accomplishment. On the way down I started leading and somehow managed to take us on an "alternate route" aka down a whole bunch of giant rocks instead of on the path. Hooray for  unintentionally bushwhacking!

After our jaunt up the mountain, we drove to meet our hosts for the evening, Hannah and Derek. They took us to dinner at a great local brewery called Rock Bottom. After dinner we were all wiped out, and only had enough energy left to pet their fluffy labra-doodle, Molly, before we all hit the sheets.

The next morning (or as I like to call it the morning of Dan's birthday!!!!!!!) Dan and I woke up and headed to a nice local breakfast at a delightful little restaurant called  The Early Bird, which serves farm to table fare. I enjoyed a goat cheese, spinach, mushroom and tomato omelet (I've had this weird craving for Goat cheese lately) and Dan enjoyed his usual breakfast choice, a breakfast burrito. Once we were done breaking our fast, we stopped at a Petsmart to pick up goodies for the next RAK on our list!

RAK #17:
Dan and I are huge dog lovers, as are many of the generous souls who donated to our GoFundMe page, so we decided to make an in-kind donation to the Boulder Humane Society, which Hannah suggested as a possible RAK option for us while we were staying with her -- good looking out! We googled in-kind donation options and realized that most humane societies actually have a wish-list of items that they are in need of. So we found the appropriate list, checked it twice (we're also gonna find out whose naughty or nice, but that's in a later post) and filled our cart with a plethora of doggie goodies! We then went over to Target to get a new SD card for photos (HOORAY!!!) and also to pick up the mother-load of peanut butter for our furry humane society friends.
We went all out. Check out that Kermit squeaky toy!
We arrived at the Boulder Humane Society, quickly gave ourselves (okay mainly me) a pep talk that we DID NOT NEED A DOG RIGHT NOW and then headed inside. We presented our loot to the front desk, who thanked us a bunch and directed us in the direction of the dogs for adoption.

It is a good thing that we gave ourselves a peptalk, because we fell in love with the puppies below. I could not handle how adorably wonderful these dogs were; especially when they were letting us pet their furry heads and were licking our hands and looking at us with the saddest eyes.

We really liked this one.
Just look at those eyes!
So, unlike us- who are literally living out of a car right now, if you are able to adopt a rescue dog, please please please do so. Those dogs were some of the cutest I've seen in a while and all deserve a great, loving home.

I also want to ask you to share your own RAKs, however big or small they may be. Our next blog post will feature some updates on our previous blogs and the joy that they have provided. We're finding that kind deeds create a chain reaction and we could not be happier that we get to be a part of something so overwhelmingly good. So, please email any sort of Random Act of Kindness you've committed to -- I cannot wait to hear from you!

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  1. Meg~! Dan! how are you guys holding up! Guess what great news! I don't have to move outta this danged burnt out house!~Neno loves the dog food and everything is (sorta) all ok! Thank you guys again, I think of you with some frequency (hope you see this comment) If you come back this way when you nomads decide to go home feel free to stop in~ Love, Suzie, Neno and Miss Song kitty~ <3