Monday, November 18, 2013

RAK Update: Kindness Shown By Others

One of the most exciting things about committing Random Acts of Kindness is watching the impact that it has on those RAK'd as well as seeing how others were inspired and committed their own RAK. We've had quite a few of those situations occur lately, so we wanted to share so you could enjoy the updates as well!

Update #1: "Liz's List" for the Urban Prep boys
I already let you know that my mom's good friend Dawn is sending her keyboard to our friend Mr. Baileys so that he can practice his musical skills at home instead of only being able to do so at church. We are so impressed with Dawn's generosity and know that Mr. Baileys will be ecstatic to receive that keyboard.

Additionally, Liz gave me an update on how she has allocated the $600 that we designated for "Liz's List" so far. Remember the mother with a life threatening disease who couldn't afford her son's behavioral medications because she had to choose one medication or the other? Well, Liz gifted the mother $120, which covers two months of medications for her son. Liz told me that when the mother opened her gift she could not stop crying. She also forwarded me this text message from the mother.

This is the text that the mother sent Liz.
One more update on "Liz's List": Liz forwarded me an email from an acquaintance telling her that she read the blog post on Liz's students and is going to send her $50 more so that she can make an even bigger impact on these boy's lives. The joy is spreading...there's no way to stop it.

Update #2: Anthony and Leonidas, the amazing three legged therapy dog
Anthony sent me a few photos documenting Leonidas's experience dropping off the cookies that we baked to the VA unit. He said that the nurses were so excited to pass out the treats and that it was an exhausting day for Leonidas, who immediately passed out in the car on the way home.
Leonidas and the nurse with the cookies we made
Update #3: Miniature RAK Roadtrip
Shortly after the start of the RAK Roadtrip blog, I received an email from a lovely lady named Jessica, who lives in North Carolina. Jessica was emailing me to let me know that our RAK Roadtrip inspired her and her boyfriend to take their own miniature RAK Roadtrip through North Carolina during Thanksgiving weekend. She asked me for some tips, which I attempted to provide (We're kind of just doing our RAKs on the fly, so my advise may not have been extemely helpful), and I let her know that she is absolutely awesome for giving up her Thanksgiving weekend to help her surrounding communities.

Update #4: More Gifts for The Excelsior girls
Remember the girls that we RAKd some makeup kits to in Denver? Well, my cousin Julie sent me a Facebook message asking for our friend Katie's contact information so that she, too, could send the girls at the shelter some more items to be used as gifts in the future. We contacted Katie and she was so thankful to have more good news to provide to the ladies she supervises. Huge thank you to Julie for being so generous -- the girls at Excelsior will be so excited to know that there are people all over the USA who are looking out for them.

So, as you can see -- kindness is contagious. One question I've been asked a lot lately is "What is the goal of this roadtrip?" The answer comes easily: We hope that through spreading joy all around, those who are RAK'd or are following along with the RAKs we commit will feel inspired to pass it on.

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