Monday, November 4, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We're Leaving Tomorrow

There has been a lot going on since the last blog post (seriously.... it's been pretty crazy). A few highlights include:

1. Attempting to pack up all of my clothing/belongings and divide them into categories of 1. Bringing on Roadtrip and 2. Packing up to store away for three months in my new apartment.

2. Moving all of my items into my new be stored in my to-be bedroom and sorted upon arrival back in Traverse City next year. Luckily I really enjoy sorting and decorating so I am okay with having to deal with that after road-tripping the country.

3. We were featured in the local paper, The Record Eagle! We were interviewed & photographed last week and the RAK Roadtrip was featured in Sunday's paper! You can read the article right here (It's a great article, but there were a few mistakes: A. My blog URL is -- they only printed two "R"s B. Dan's sister had said to tell a mom she's doing a great job, Dan's mom told us to buy a family of five ice cream [love both of those] and C. We are working with local photography company Allen-Kent Photography, not Ellen Kent. I don't think she exists.) As a result of this article and some generous donations from close friends and Dan's family, we were able pass the $3,000 mark!!! As of right now, we are at $3,128.00. That's incredible -- I am overjoyed at the thought of all we are going to be able to accomplish with that amount of money!
Source: The Record Eagle
4. We are full-speed ahead with our first Random Act of Kindness right here in Traverse City, Michigan. We also have our second large RAK planned for our first stop in Chicago (which I'll tell you all about soon). For our first RAK, we are going to give hand-made cards (provided by our friends at KidzArt) and amazing bouquets (thanks to The Floral Underground) to some patients who need a pick-me-up at Munson Medical Center. We will be performing this RAK tomorrow and will have photos and a more detailed look at things in a blog post either tomorrow or Wednesday.

5. I've been hitting our local fitness center hard lately since I'm not positive of how often we are going to be able to be extremely active during this trip (although we both packed our tennis shoes and hiking boots and are totally down to be as outdoorsy as possible. Dan also told me that he would do some yoga with me during this trip so now I am publicly announcing that on the blog so that he is held accountable. Hi Dan!) and I wanted to share that I am currently having a difficult time moving because this morning's cycle & core session kicked my bootay. It kicked it hard.

And Finally...
6. I received a Facebook message this morning to give an executive producer at TV 7&4, a well-known local news station, a call because she wanted to interview us before we left! So, with the knowledge that we are running out of time to do so in my mind, I gave her a call. Dan & I will be setting our alarms significantly earlier than usual tomorrow because we will be interview at 6:20am tomorrow with our segment airing at 6:30am. Hopefully I can find it somewhere online post-interview so that I can share it with you, but if you're in the Traverse City area and feel like getting up bright and early, we'd love your support!

So, as I mentioned...a lot going on. However, Dan and I are so so SO excited to start this adventure! Thank you for your support, for reading my babbling, and for your donations & love. You rock, people of the Internet.
See, look how excited we are! SO excited.

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