Tuesday, December 3, 2013

RAK Day 9: Keeping Portland Weird

On our last day in Seattle, we decided to be touristy. We had spent most of our time in Seattle hanging out with Dan's college roommates, which was wonderful, but we hadn't really seen much of what Seattle had to offer. So, after a delicious brunch with Dan's cousin Kate and her husband and baby, we headed over to take in a few sights. Our first stop was the Troll, which was awesome. The troll is a city-wide art project  that was voted on to bring some extra character to Seattle. It's located under a bridge (how fitting, right?) and we clearly stopped to take photos and pick the trolls nose.

Pickin' some nose.
The bridge!
Next, we stopped at a park that Dan and his cousin Kate had ventured over to a few years ago during a past visit Dan had taken to Seattle. The park itself is pretty small, but the view allows you to take in all of what the city of Seattle has to offer. It was a bit foggy, but still miraculous.
Taking it all in.
 We snapped a few photos and then headed to our final tourist stop of the day, Pikes Place Market! I was really excited because I had watched at least five videos in high school/college in regards to the great customer service and experience you receive by visiting Pikes Place Fish Market -- they throw fish!

Well, we did not end up seeing any fish being thrown, but it was still a great visit. Dan picked up a vintage map of Spain, we grabbed some fresh fish dinner at a seafood joint on the water -- I even tried steamed mussels, which we delicious -- and we played a game in the local arcade (I gave the tickets I won to a little boy who was eagerly collecting them: RAK #26) . Once we had explored the entirety of Pikes Place, we went back to Sam's place, picked up some local goodies for our friends and family, played a hilarious board game with all of Dan's friends and then headed to bed. We had an early wake-up time the next morning since we had offered to take Dan's friend Katie to the airport...at 5am. That counts as a RAK, right? I kid.

After dropping Katie off at the airport, we left Seattle and headed to Oregon with a mission in mind: Keep Portland Weird. Our first stop: The beach where the movie The Goonies was filmed! We went for a long walk, grabbed some coffee and banana bread and then headed into the heart of Portland to meet up with our hostess for the weekend, one of my best friends from High School, Britney. I personally call her "B.Mal" since her last name is Malhoit, but since you aren't as close with her, we will stick with Brittney.  Right when we arrived at Brittney's apartment, we hopped into her car and headed to the Portland Saturday Market, which occurs every weekend and features a ton of local vendors. We only ended up purchasing some cinnamon covered almonds but it was still fun to explore all of the goods offered. Plus, there was a great view of some of Portland's bridges.
Tourism: making it look easy
Afterwards, we went back to Brittney's and enjoyed some pizza and movies. We were all quite tired (5am wake-up call, remember?) so we passed out moderately early. The next morning we woke up, made some breakfast sandwiches with the ridiculous amount of Thanksgiving ham that Brittney had left over and then Brittney and I went shopping at Walmart for the next RAK while Dan got some work done.

RAK #27:
We have received an abundance of requests from donors and readers to spend some the RAK funds helping out the homeless. One of our latest RAKs consisted of providing two Thanksgiving dinners to a food bank in Seattle and volunteering the day before Thanksgiving, but we wanted to help out in a few other ways. Especially since Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (our current and next two stops) have a high population of homeless persons. So, this RAK consisted of us putting together some toiletry bags. We bought twelve reusable canvas bags and filled six of them with men's items and the other six with items for women. Items included: gloves, a hat, shampoo and conditioner, wet wipes, body wash, toothbrush/toothpaste, and  deodorant. We had big plans to pass out these bags that evening and the next morning in Portland, but it was raining quite a bit, so we were not able to find any individuals to help out in Portland. When our searching proved to be a lost cause, we all enjoyed (term used loosely here...it was hot as heck) some Bikram Yoga and afterward made taco salads at Brittney's before going to bed.
Which brings us to today. We woke up early to see Brittney before she headed to work, packed up our things and hit the road. We stopped at Rogue Brew House for lunch, which was extremely tasty, and then made one more stop at THE WORLD'S LARGEST SEA LION CAVE!!!
Sea lions!!! Allll three of them!
...which actually was not that exciting and cost $10.00 per person. We only saw four seals for around a minute each, so we figured out that we essentially paid $5/seal. Oh well, we could not justify not visiting the World's Largest Sea Lion Cave.

Anyways, we are on our way to camp out somewhere in between Portland and San Francisco and will be on the lookout of recipients for our toiletry bags the whole time. Our next update will be post-Sean Francisco and we will surely have some great adventures and RAKs to share with you! The past week was heavily focused on visiting old friends, which kept us really busy, but we will be back in the RAK-game asap!

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